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Wulf 03-06-17 04:13 PM

Ork Question
I know, horrid title. Basically, my question is, is it possible for an Ork to be unaffiliated with any of the groups? I know they can be independent of the major clans, and instead be with the other groups such as the Freebooterz and what not. But I'm curious if an Ork could travel on his own, seeking out battles and what not. For lack of a better phrase an 'Ork Adventurer'.

Edit: I should point out that this is for a character I'm halfway working on in my spare time.

Serpion5 03-07-17 08:12 AM

Ork psychology is optimized for functioning in a community or a mob. Their courage so to speak is directly proportional to their numbers.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but it is very improbable.

Brother Emund 03-07-17 10:40 AM

I agree with Serpion. The average Ork is like a really dim football hooligan. They love to be part of the gang and kickin' the cr#p out of everyone and everything is thier reason to exist. Remember, the harder, tougher and more violent they are, the bigger they get and the further they can go within a tribe and beyond. Individuals will have difficulty fitting in I think... unless of course they are particularly sneaky and devient!


Wulf 03-07-17 11:56 AM

That makes sense, I wasn't completely sure so figured it couldn't hurt to ask

neferhet 03-07-17 01:22 PM

Maybe, instead of an individual, you could have a roving band of boyz. Mercenary ork boyz are not unheard of...but individuals it would be a bit of a stretch.

Wulf 03-07-17 01:26 PM

Hmm.... That would work well. Thanks!

Gret79 03-07-17 02:42 PM

Or he could be the last survivor of his previous warband?

Gorgutz didn't take any Orks with him when he left in DoW (Soulstorm?)
Presumably he found some more Orks to boss by his next appearance :)

So your ork could be a warboss looking to join up with some more boyz?

Ork plan - Find more boyz, krump da boss = my shiny new warband

Edit:Now I think about it, there was also an inquisitor audiobook where a lone Ork was using a warpgate to hunt humans on a hive world.

But as people already said, he'd need to be a bit special. Definitely not your average Ork :)

Shandathe 03-07-17 03:08 PM

Also remember he's not going to STAY a lone Ork. Yay spores!

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