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darkreever 02-16-17 10:12 PM

"The difference between gods and daemons depends largely upon where one stands at the time." - Lorgar Aurelian, Bearer of the Word, primarch of the XVII legion

The words and deeds of traitors are little more than deceit and betrayal made manifest; but only the most blind can deny a measure of truth to some of these things. None more so than the warriors of the Relictors space marine chapter, condemned in the eyes of the Imperium for daring to fight chaos with that which gives them their strength: chaos itself. Hounded by former allies and with few places to turn to for safe haven, the chapter is dying a slow death. Scattered, shattered beyond hope of recovery, some will eventually give in and become the very thing they have sworn to fight. However for some, the crusade to fight the great enemy transcends damnation, especially if there is a chance for redemption.

Legends speak of a grimoire, lost during the dark days when gods walked amongst mortals and the galaxy was ripped apart by civil war. It was discovered thousands of years later, when Horus tore the Emperor's Imperium asunder, by Lorgar of the Word Bearers. Within the grimoire, it is said that Lorgar learned of ways to bind the denizens of the warp to physical objects or exhibit control on their kind. It is said that during the great Scouring following the defeat of Horus, this grimoire was lost to Lorgar.

Over the course of the following millenia, sightings and whispers of such a thing have come and gone. If there is anything that can offer the Relictors salvation from the Imperium, this may be it. Or at the very least, that is what drives codicier Laendro Tatecen.

Hello everybody and welcome to Strength of Will, an RP focusing on a small band of Relictors. It has been three years since the chapter was declared Excommunicate Traitoris, and since that time the remnants have splintered and spread out across Segmentum Obscurus. Aboard the strike cruiser Lux Inifnitum, codicier Laendro Tatecen and the shattered remnants of the Relictors fifth company cross the void in search of the Grimoire of Lorgar, a means to control and bind daemons to weapons and objects so that they can be used to fight their own kind. As members of the remnants under Tatecen's command, it falls to you to find this grimoire, recover it, and give the Imperium a great weapon in the fight against the great enemy.

-No godmodding
-As GM my decision is final, please respect that
-Eight sentences minimum per action thread post
-If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. You never know, I might let you do things a bit out of the updates boundaries
-Stuff happens, thats the way life works; if you aren't going to be able to post for a while or are losing interest than let me know. The worst thing you can do is say nothing and vanish, which is the easiest way to get on my bad side.
-Post once, post a dozen times, its completely up to you as long as you can do the minimum per post

Character Sheet:
-Before you make your character, understand that this is not first come first serve, and I will ignore characters from players trying to 'reserve' a spot. If your interested thats one thing, but don't feel put down if someone gets a character up before you that you wanted because I may feel your character fits better.


Age: (There are two distinct squads you can choose from, one is a tactical squad and the other an assault squad. Members of the tactical squad are to be between 65 and 80 while members of the assault squad can be between 50 and 70. Ages within each squad will be similar, with a four year difference above or below. This range is determined when the first member of the assault and tactical squads are accepted, but as a guideline of what you'd be looking at: if the first accepted member of the tactical squad is 72 then the rest of the squad can be any age between 68 and 76. If the first assault marine is 53, then the rest can be between 50 and 57 since the minimum is 50.)

Appearance: (What do you look like? What about your armour? The chapters fall from grace and splintering occurred three years before now, and all aboard the Lux fight in the name of mankind and for the Emperor.)

Personality: (Space marines may know no fear, but that does not hinder them from having quirks and such.)

Background: (The Relictors called the deathworld of Neutra their home, a place with no information about it and as such lets go with it being a world with hundreds of forest choked temperate islands.)

Squad: (There are two playable squads available, a tactical and an assault squad. Which are you a part of?)

Equipment: (All characters have frag grenades, krak grenades, and spare ammo of indeterminate amounts; one member of the tactical squad may have an auspex.)

Weapons: (All characters have a combat blade and bolt pistol, additional weapons are determined by squad and can be found below; one member of the assault squad may have an additional bolt pistol.)

-Members of the tactical squad have a bolter in addition to other weapons. One character may take on the role of specialist.

-Members of the assault squad have a chainsword or chain-axe in addition to other weapons. One character may take on the role of specialist.

Specialists will have access to a number of additional, and occasionally situational, choices of weapons throughout the RP. These will include ranged heavy and special weapons such as heavy bolters, missile launchers, meltaguns, or flamers, in addition to heavy or special close combat weapons such as eviscerators, power weapons, meltabombs, or lightning claws. (Initially there will be no need to list a specialist weapon, just list the normal ones as per the squad, I'll either be giving you the option of what you can have or it will be pre-chosen.)

limited choices of what they can wield throughout the course of this RP. These may range from a heavy bolter, missile launcher, meltagun, flamer, eviscerator, or even a storm bolter.

Serpion5 02-19-17 09:16 AM

Name: Danrek Seccarin

Age: 72

Appearance: Danrek stands a little under seven feet tall, smaller than the average astartes and noticeably slimmer especially when unarmoured. His hair is dark brown, and has grown slightly past its usual short cut. His eyes are in a semi permanent squint, brown and the left bears a small cut just beneath. His skin is pale and devoid of features other than the odd scars.

Danrek's armour has kept the grey and black of the chapter, although the squad marking has begun to fade without regular maintenance. The left pauldron and greave have begun to show more wear than the right due to his typical stancewhen aiming placing his left side towards the enemy, as well as his habit of leading with his left in combat.

Personality: Danrek's faith in the Imperial creed has waned in the past years, the thought of how many others had possibly been unjustly declared traitor giving rise to doubts he has yet to come to terms with. Although he realizes that the majority of Imperial citizens would despise him and see him as a hated foe, he still remembers his old oaths and still places the defense of mankind highest on his list of priorities.

Cynical and reserved, Danrek's outlook is always to the present in battle, but otherwise has increasingly begun to wander between the past and the future. Thoughts of what might have been and what could still be haunt him when he has time to reflect. Despite this, he has not completely lost his sense of humour although jokes do not come as easily or often as they used to.

Background: Danrek was the youngest boy of four siblings, two brothers and a sister of whom all were pressed into militia training as soon as they were old enough. This military upbringing left them all with a strong sense of martial pride and a competitive nature, resulting in all three brothers becoming candidates for space marine neophytes by the time they had reached ten. Over three years, Danrek watched both his brothers try and fail to meet the needs to join the battle brothers of the astartes. When his turn came, Danrek was more determined than ever to prove that his lineage was capable of joining the astartes' ranks, and it was this determination that saw him succeed where his brothers failed. Since then he has all but lost contact with his old family, the needs of the chapters supplanting his older ties.

Danrek's early time as an astartes saw him in the reserve Devastator company, where he specialized in wielding the heavy bolter. His successes in early campaigns resulted in his advancement to the fifth company as a Devastator for a further ten years before he became a part of a frontline Tactical Squad. Though he has rarely wielded a heavy weapon since then, Danrek remained a steady and reliable battle brother with little loss of efficiency on the battlefield.

When the chapter was declared traitor, Danrek's conviction and faith suffered heavily. In the fighting that followed, Danrek was forced to take the lives of numerous imperial soldiers, men and women who fought with the same devotion that had defined much of his own life. Only the words of the older members of the chapter spurred him to continue, the hope of redemption if only they could prove themselves becoming the goal of the chapter. And if not, to die in the service of protecting mankind even if humanity no longer cared for them.

Squad: Tactical (I will say candidate for specialist unless someone better suited volunteers.)

Equipment: Aquila Pattern Power Armour, Frag grenades, krak grenades.

Weapons: Combat Blade, Bolt Pistol, Boltgun.

darkreever 02-21-17 11:43 PM

Looks pretty good Serp, and that gives us the first member of the tactical squad.

With that being the case, all other characters in the tactical squad can be between ages 68 and 76.

Now to see who would like to join next.

dmart29 02-22-17 09:58 PM

I've never played a space marine before, but this game sounds pretty awesome

Name: Kellidan Fenrisson

Age: 68

Appearance: Kellidan prefers to keep his head shaven, including his eyebrows. This look can be disconcerting to some but Kellidan insists upon it, claiming that it takes no upkeep and has no chance of leaving a hair behind that might give away his presence. His nose has been broken on more than one occasion, and is slightly misshapen. His eyes are dark brown and tend to rove about the room seeking threats or targets. Kellidan is a bigger man, standing a few inches above the average space marine and is average build. Despite his size, Kellidan tends to blend in and is easily overlooked unless he calls attention to himself. He's been reprimanded on more than one occasion for missing briefings and meetings that he did attend.

Kellidan hates wearing full power armor, claiming that it hampers his movement and speed. He prefers to remain unencumbered, and wears the lighter scout marine armor whenever mission parameters allow it. He only wears a helmet when absolutely necessary, and is notorious for turning off the target finders and sense enhancement. When asked about this, he insists that he trusts his own senses more than any technological system, however advanced.

Personality: Kellidan is a bit of a contradiction: he doesn't talk much, believing that anything that doesn't need to be said is a waste of time, but prefers to be in the presence of others than alone. He usually sits quietly in the corner observing the conversation while cleaning his weapons or armor. He appreciates a good joke, but has never been known to repeat one.

Kellidan is a very practical man, and has never been known to speak of or show faith in the emperor or his saints. When asked about this, he simply states that "they are the leaders of mankind and must be followed." Kellidan puts his faith in humanity; his duty is to them first and foremost, rather then distant gods. He fights because they need someone to fight for them, and it is his duty because he has the ability. He follows his superiors unwaveringly, even when they were declared traitors. It's not that he sees them as infallible, rather because it is their duty to lead and his to follow. As a practical man, he believes that any weapon capable of destroying the enemy should be used so he doesn't understand why anyone would try to stop him and his brothers from using those weapons.

Background: Kellidan's parents died when he was young, and he was forced to rely on himself. He turned to the forests for sustenance, hunting game to stay alive. When he was chosen to become a space marine he instantly took to the way the scouts operated, and was an expert in stealth and sharpshooting. He soon became something of a legend and carried on as a scout sergeant that lead numerous successful missions. He accepted the transfer to fifth company reluctantly, and only after he was persuaded that it was his duty to help find the Grimoire of Lorgar and that his experience with stealth and infiltration would be invaluable to the mission.

Squad: Tactical. He would use a sniper rifle if one were mission appropriate

Equipment: Kellidan prefers the lighter scout armor, but will wear full power if the mission requires

Weapons: Standard load out - bolt pistol, combat knife, boltgun

I hope that works, let me know if I need to change anything

darkreever 02-22-17 11:24 PM

@dmart29 , as he is I am not going to be accepting Fenrisson. I need his background expanded on a bit more for starters.

I get the idea that he was without a family since they were killed, but what happened? How did he learn to survive? Why did he not stay with his tribe/clan? If he was alone/mostly alone for a period of time than how was he able to be chosen?

Has he done or been part of anything notable since becoming one of the Relictors?

As for becoming a member of fifth company, my answer is no on that one. The reason that all members of the respective squads are relatively close in age is because they started as scouts together. So Fenrisson won't have recently met the likes of Seccarin, he will have known him and fought beside him for decades.

So sorry, but the background of him being a scout sergeant needs to go.

Also keep in mind that three years prior to this RP the Relictors chapter was declared Excommunicate Traitoris for their use of daemon weapons despite censure by the inquisition in the past. When this happened the chapter was shattered by the Grey Knights and the remnants fled. It was at this point that Laendro Tatecen, a member of the chapters librarius, took command of remnants of the chapters fifth company and fled the conflict. At some point in those three years Laendro and the marines under his command learned about the Grimoire and have been seeking it out.

Thats the gist of where the characters are at present; seeking a powerful chaos artifact, hunted like traitors, and without backup or support. For all these marines know, they represent the last of their chapter.

Now the reason why all of the characters in either of the to given squads will have similar ages and have been scouts together. This allows you guys to create better interactions with one another. If you've fought side by side for fifty years, there is a chance that you know when one of your own is troubled, or that you do not have to go to great lengths to explain a plan in the middle of a firefight. The hardest part of team character building, the introduction, is partially done for you.

So please rewrite that background, and keep in mind that Fenrisson will be in power armour and will not have access to a sniper rifle.:ok:

And for those who want/need it, here is most of the information currently available for the Relictors.

Euphrati 02-23-17 02:22 AM

*gives a feral smile*

You owe me, Reever, for barely getting a taste of Theo's humours.

I expect much from this RP... I will have my offering within the next day.

Euphrati 02-24-17 05:39 AM

==Excerpt from the personal writings of Brother Malik Kyron==


It is the name they have given us and, in truth, it is fitting. For, in the dark shadows of the galaxy, we are heretics.

We have done the unforgivable, taken that first step down a path that can only end in darkness. But, that is how it starts is it not? A single errant action. Accepted, even defended in righteousness. So simple to justify in the blood and fire of battle’s heart. The ones that come after are always easier to accept once the first is taken, or so I have been told. No matter how well intentioned that first step may have been.

There is an ancient Terran saying about good intentions.

I once thought that I was above such sin, pure in thought and purpose. My loyalty was absolute, without question to the actions of my brothers and my Chapter. How naďve I was.

I have seen true purity.

I have stood witness as it carved through the crimes of my brothers’ like a flame through oil soaked parchment. Bare ceramite, polished until it shone like liquid silver. The souls that it clad, I cannot put words to their perfection. To do so would be a sin in and of itself. I was shamed and honoured beyond measure to merely lay eyes upon them even as their purity ran with the crimson lifeblood of my brothers.

I have been burned by the flames of truth, yet I live.

I live, however I know now that my soul is forever tainted. There is no absolution for my sins. I have accepted that.

And yet, I wonder of the fate of my brothers.

The few of us that remained scattered like chaff before the threshing. Now my remaining brothers seek a whisper in the darkness. Something they say will be our salvation. Another step down the path. There is only one chance to save their souls from the damnation they willingly embrace.

I pray that I am strong enough when the time finally comes.


Name: Malik Kyron

Age: 51

Appearance: Malik stands at seven and a half feet of corded flesh clad in the dusky skin of the south islands. His shoulders are thick and sleek with muscle like the ghost cats of the deep forests. A stylized tattoo of the deadly feline stalks across his back in the tribal custom of a warrior borne. His eyes are a shade of grey-green that shifts with his humours like the churning oceans. Glossy, straight black hair is shorn tight on the sides and crested on top giving Malik a perpetual air of agitation when he goes helmless. His Aquilla patterned armour has seen better days; the grey surface showing chips and signs of battle that Malik’s best skills of patching cannot fully hide. He tends it as best as their meager supplies allow, the one exception being a deep gouge to his left shoulder guard that runs partly through the white skull of his Chapter. The wound to the ceramite is clean and precise, for it was made by a nemesis blade. Malik refuses to repair it, seeing it as a visual reminder of the sins of his Chapter.

Personality: Malik’s humours have taken a darker turn since the sanctioning of his Chapter. His mood has favoured towards a more somber and morose vein than the candid mirth he had before. He has a history of bluntness, tending to take on a fight straight face to face and has trouble seeing alternative routes. Being on the younger side of the squad, Malik still had a sense of naivety to his own mortality that seems to have been shattered by the recent events. His temper has become dangerously sharp without warning, more often as of late he has lost his temper in the training cages and drawn bloody wounds before stalking away into the dark recesses of the ship in a cold rage. Glimpses of his old self peek through the dark at times, like shards of sun through the tightening over story of the deep, deadly forest. Strangely, throughout it all, Malik seems to have become even more devout to the Emperor to the point of Penitent- what that means for his future and his brothers, however, time will tell.

Background: Borne to the tribal people of the southern islands, Malik childhood world was one of life’s constant struggle between existence and destruction in the green depths of the forest. He learned early on to respect the great predators of the dark, to be swift in his hunting and quick in his kills least he draw unwanted attention. His recollections of that time are more impressions now than true memories, as he was claimed for the Chapter at the age of seven. Within the Relictors, Malik excelled in close combat, his young body taking to the gene-enhancements with seeming relish. His reactions became predator fast, and just as deadly with a blade as with his bare fists. Although he carries a bolt pistol, it tends to go forgotten more often than not- recalled only when a target is frustratingly out of his reach. The fall of his Chapter has been a festering wound to the younger marine’s psyche. Loyalties and orders he would have followed without question before now draw a pause from him.

Squad: Malik was a member of an assault squad, many of his brothers lay dead at the hands of the Grey Knights. Even with his skill in close combat, Malik barely escaped with his life from the battle with the Imperium’s ultimate warriors. A fact that has humbled him greatly.

Equipment: Frag grenades, krak grenades, and spare ammo of indeterminate amount :-p. Aquilla patterned power armour (lightly damaged, mostly superficial). Various personal effects in his chamber (leather bound journal, quill and ink, armour repair supplies).

Weapons: Combat blade and chain sword/bolt pistol for standard equipment. Malik has taken to carrying an additional combat blade as he has a habit of breaking/losing them in battle.

darkreever 02-25-17 03:05 PM

Malik looks good to me @Euphrati , though you know me when it comes to things like number of grenades and stuff.

With that, we now have the first accepted member of the assault squad. Anyone making a character for that squad keep in mind that the age range is now set between 50 and 55.

Drohar 02-25-17 05:59 PM

Name: Decus “Ranger” Fenrik

Age: At 55

Appearance: Just under seven and half-feet, he is a well presented man. He can be recognized from his posture which is always like he would be ready to hail an officer. He looks younger than he is due to him taking care of his appearance and being slightly slimmer than normal Marines. He keeps his black hair short and face always clean.

Personality: Decus is a tidy person, though being after being declared Excommunicate Traitoris he hasn’t been able to clean and repair his armour as well as he used to. It now shows marks of repair and scratches which annoy him greatly. He believes in being pure in the eye of the emperor and is against of using deamon weapons, but while he is not agreeing on the direction the chapter is taking, but he would never disobey an order and keeps his thoughts to himself.

Background: As all the boys in the village he dedicated all of his time training to get in to the Astartes, but that training almost came at a cost for he hadn’t used to venture out in the deadly forest and survive in actual situations. He made it just about into the Astartes by showing excellent marksmanship – a trait which he has gotten to trust even more as time has gone on. But diversity makes a Marine, so he was placed in the Assault squad to develop the hand-to-hand combat skilled. (also he excelled in the use of a jump pack)

In the fight against the grey knights he was deeply troubled, fighting against the emperor’s own. The bond of brother was stronger and he didn’t abandon his brothers in their time of need, but went to the front with his squad. He was dragged out injured from the battle and now has a slight limp in his left leg, which he counters with some cleaver tweaking of his jump pack.

Squad: Decus is called “Ranger” because even though he is in the Assault squad he prefers to fight with his bolt pistol. That means he tends to hang back a bit giving cover fire to his squad mates. Being slightly behind also means he is first in line for the enemies who are trying to outflank the squad – at that point his chain-axe comes off his belt and strikes into the head of an enemy.

Equipment: Frag and krak grenades and spare ammo (loads of spare ammo) and aquilla patterned power armour and a small red towel to wipe dirt and blood off his face.

Weapons: Bolt pistol, chain-axe, combat blade and I’d like to request the extra bolt pistol?

darkreever 02-25-17 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Drohar (Post 2386577)

So far Fenrik looks good, though I would like you to add more detail to his background and appearance. (What does his armour look like beyond the marks of repair?)

Remember that while Neutra is the world in which the Relictors recruit from, there is no regular schedule for when they would come to get aspirants. If there was a tradition of his village, that a certain sign would be a prelude to the return of the sky warriors (Relictors), than that would explain why his village would emphasize the importance of its youth.

Now the reason I want more detail is because you state that he was almost not chosen, but why? Marksmanship would not likely be a key indicator of selection; chapters need youths in peak physical condition after all.

I am also going to deny your chosen nickname for Fenrik. I understand the desire for such a thing, and have no issue with members of each squad to refer to each other by names like that, but a nickname is like a title, it is earned through deed and action to reflect how others view them. So in this case, perhaps Kyron will choose to refer to Fenrik as ranger or hawk-eye or something similar; you never know.:grin:

Also, Fenrik can wield two bolt pistols however he will be limited to a chainsword and not the chain-axe.

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