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ntaw 01-14-17 06:50 PM

Double post out of a lack of trust of this site.


Originally Posted by koosbeer (Post 2380241)
What does this mean?

We don't know yet, but whatever it is was enough to make Abby go chasing after Cawl like a cat after a string.


Originally Posted by koosbeer (Post 2380241)
Also a " A metal giant in a scaled cloak." -> On reddit the guys say this is Trazyn adding Creed to his "pokeball" but I remember one of the primarchs wearing a scaled cloak? Vulcan?

It's Trazyn.

However, it's mentioned on the GW page for his model that he has "a giant man clad in baroque power armour" locked away in one of his collection. That could be a Primarch, but we don't know for sure.

loki619 01-16-17 01:03 AM

the giant is the pokemaster himself saving creeds life / saving him for later

"[the Sorcerer] spoke a name. One Abaddon had put from his thoughts long ago. It seemed impossible, but such words had as much currency now as they had when Horus first set foot on Davin."

there is no names spoken on davin that would matter unless its somthing not in the book , only magnus and angron who we both know or out there the only 2 people i could think of that would piss in abaddon's shoes would be loken or Euphrati Keeler

Moriouce 01-16-17 06:12 AM

This about the pylons shutting off psykerpowers and fires a beam into the eye makes alot of sense.

My guess is that they where built during the ancient war between the eldar and Necrotyrs but he necrotyrs in order to finish of the Eldar.

Brother Dextus 01-16-17 02:44 PM

For one, I'm quite happy to see the return of Shon'tu into the lore again - He's guna be pissed when he finds out Lysander isnt on the Phalanx!

The rest of it... meh; it will all come clear eventually. I try not to put too much into the rumour mill as my salt stocks are dwindling.

ntaw 01-16-17 03:48 PM

Surprise! WC just posted a video for "The Gathering Storm pt. 2" which features Eldar. Looks like parley was struck.

Is there even a rumour mill with how on point GW's media team is getting? :laugh:

Moriouce 01-16-17 05:50 PM

Might be the rune of Ynead?

Brother Lucian 01-16-17 10:39 PM

I suspect they may be retconning Death Masque already if Ynnead is going to show up.

loki619 01-16-17 11:42 PM

its it the rune for Ynnead i looked

Brother Lucian 01-17-17 09:28 PM

Spotted this unverified leak over on B&C

But if its true......a big powerup for the Imperium if those two returns..

But i am laughing at those ultramarine names.

Khorne's Fist 01-17-17 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by Brother Lucian (Post 2380801)
Spotted this unverified leak over on B&C

On night shift and the work firewall won't let me on there. Can you copy it over to here?

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