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Kharn The Complainer 12-20-16 09:18 PM

Achievements of 2016
I think we can all agree that this has been one massive clusterfuck of a year.
But lets try and pull something good out of this fucktarded farce.

So, what has gone well for you this year? I'm not sure if anyone even posts here anymore, but lets give it a go.

This has been a pretty shit year for me and the negatives vastly outweigh the positives, but I do have some good stuff to mention.

1. Passed the horrible mathematics exams needed to get onto my uni course.
2. Totally pwning my uni course. I'm beloved by all, Emperor be my name.
3. I have found an exercise regime which I can stick to and I am fitter than I have ever been. For a while I was confused as to why I was gaining weight, but then I realised that I was actually putting on muscle. Go me.
4. I've met a lot of very nice, cool people.
5. OK...it's really starting to thin out here. I bought a lint roller yesterday. That was pretty cool.
6. I've started painting my first miniature in 12 years. Ahriman is coming along slowly and it certainly wont be winning any Golden demon Awards, but it's not too bad.
7. AAAAAAND....I'm out.

Oooh I remembered a few more. Like when I made an epic sized burger.

Or when I ditched a friend's birthday party (long story and not something I tend to do) and ended up in a club which was full of gay clowns. Yup. People dressed as clowns...but really, really, really homosexual ones. There was a Harlequin with two half naked Filipino guys dancing around him. Normally that club was my usual indie hangout. On that particular night it just so happened to be a special 'gay clown night' or something. I wondered why the bouncer was trying to warn me.

Over to you!

Old Man78 12-21-16 12:34 AM

Let me see, my life is generally chronic mediocrity,I have nothing I would really call an achievement but I do have a few good points for this year,

My eldest daughter learned how to cycle a bike without stabilizers and took part in her school end of year show and even read her line, this is a big deal because she is mildly autistic and normally stressed her out of her mind by such activities, so I'm well pleased.

I've put about 6kg/14lbs of muscle on since March, so the training is paying off and I now have the shoulders chest back and arms of a 14 year old boy and can now buy size medium in the men's department!

I also learned that I can actually paint a mini to table top standard! I have stuff gathering dust for literally years because I was afraid to go near them, so thank You fellow heretics for the encouragement and advice.

I have not killed or left dear wifie and that is a thing!

I'm still with Heresy Online, I like it here, I contribute little, but like football when I was a kid, I'm tolerable and make the numbers up

I got a great new TV, which I described in pointless boasting

That's about it, otherwise 2016 has warped by! If I think of any other nuggets I'll edit the post

ntaw 12-21-16 01:38 AM

I (my partner, really) had a son in February so that's pretty much been my year.

I've actually painted models to completion this year, which is 1000% better than the no painting I did the year before. I have 1k of completed Necrons with 1250 on the very near horizon. 6k+ of BA to paint, but let's not talk about that :laugh: At least I've started the long process of unifying my red colour scheme across a collection that has spanned the better part of two decades.

My band has almost completed a new (first real) full-length album and it is almost entirely new territory for us as musicians. Considering between the three of us we have 40+ years of experience it's something I'm quite proud of. Can't wait to finish off the last couple tracks and get recording in 2017!

Thems the cliff notes I think. My son is thriving, my relationship is good, the band is killing it, and my work (teaching music) is doing better than it ever has.

Bring it, new years.

Brother Dextus 12-21-16 07:38 AM

Congrats ntaw!

My year has been mainly spent working on Crossrail in London, which has meant very early starts to get the train from Coventry at like 6am and getting home at about 8pm, which sucks chudds.
My partner and I redecorated the living/dining room, I have made some pretty big leaps in my hobby skillz (see my IW PLog for more), I finally finished my Templar Fellblade, and we have saved enough in the bank to get the back garden sorted next year (currently its an overgrown mess of grass - and I hate cutting the lawn).

Hopefully 2017 will bring a new job which is remotely enjoyable, and lots of chevrons!!

Kharn The Complainer 12-21-16 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by Brother Dextus (Post 2376825)
Congrats ntaw!

My year has been mainly spent working on Crossrail in London,

Wow, you really are an IronWarrior.

Brother Dextus 12-21-16 09:47 AM

Kharn - Ive been working on it for the last four years. Its a massive ballache of a job, and often a massive clusterfuck between the various stakeholders who don't make decisions. It has, however, helped us pay off a shit load of the mortgage; living in Cov and getting London rates has significant financial bonus!

Kharn The Complainer 12-21-16 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by Brother Dextus (Post 2376865)
living in Cov and getting London rates has significant financial bonus!

Hah, I can imagine. PROFIT!

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