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arthur.bobany 11-28-16 07:05 PM

Arhurt's conversion corner: Necrons, Chaos and the occasional Infinity model...
Hi All!

I had a thread on Warseer a long time ago about my original Necron Army. I'm at it again a couple years later and would like to share some of what I'm building.

My goal is to have a unique force, a one of a kind that can get people's attention. The core of that will be done by my vehicle conversions even though I do some minor modifications to my infantry and characters as well.

The backstory of my Dynasty is that one necron Lord, Harut, was tasked with staying awake during the long sleep. He was a master of canoptek engineering and he made modifications to the war protocol of the Dakhma.

Unknow to all, however, madness has overcome Harut as he has fallen slave to another entity. He changed and tampered with the reawakening protocols of his Nemesor and Lords and Harut and his mysterious master have basically seized control of the Dynasty.

With no further delays, lets start with something Juicy.

Dakhma Tomb Blades
Reworked by the Canoptek Lord Harut, the eternal watcher, these Tomb Blades rely more on the skills of the rider than on the computational algorithims of the bike.



You can find Work in Progress pictures at my blog, under the Tomb Blades tag, here.

Also, a few of my characters so far:

Nemesor Mahvan'erel, deathbringer of Dakhma



Harut, the eternal watcher, canoptek lord of Dakhma


Autharok, Dakhma warmaster



arthur.bobany 11-28-16 07:12 PM

Cryptek Havit’yun, harbringer of eternity, master artificer of Dakhma


Voch’ats’um, harbringer of destruction


Dakhma Warriors
I always try to change the pose of every third or so model so I can break the monotony of the units. The reason behind this is that the Dakhma dynasty has been better maintaned during the great sleep, given that their canoptek Lord was kept awake during it and could tend himself to the stasis protocols. This means that even their warriors have more advanced will and endurance during a fight, though at a risky cost to the entire Dynasty and perhaps, the galaxy itself...







Here are the first few units together for a group shot.


arthur.bobany 11-28-16 07:17 PM

Dakhma Immortals
I have magnetized my Immortals weapons. I have 10 assembled and painted so far, but only have pictures of the first 5 of the unit with their Tesla Carbines.




Tak'ard the deathmark
Just as Harut improved every warmachine in the Dakhma arsenal, also did he better equip his assassins. Each Dakhma Deathmark is an independant threat, capable of bringing the power of an entire squad with their enhanced kraken morphology. They connect to a series of Sniper drones that enhance the capabilities of the assassin.




arthur.bobany 11-28-16 07:28 PM

In the works:

Reclamation oculus
Instead of deploying Ghost Arks that are capable of repairing necron warriors mid-field, Harut discovered it was much more efficient to phase damaged units back to the closest tombworld for repairs while, at the same time, maintaining an open portal between these endless vault-crypts and the battlefield.


These hovering portals bring forth an endless stream of deadly Necron infantry, pouring forth Gauss flayer fire in a constant barrage of death.

Scarab Swarms:
I really wanted mine to be actual swarms!


Canoptek Tentilla
The Dakhma Dynasty deploys these instead of monoliths, a single colossal squid-like warmachine that drops from orbit and burrows inside of the earth itself.

Canoptek Tentilla: Doomsday Cannon counts as Doomsday Ark
One of the tentilla appendages ends up in massive doomsday cannons. Burrowing and emerging from the ground from angles that make any formation by the enemy easily countered by simple redeploying heavy weapons from a different angle.

Canoptek Tentilla: Tesla Destructor counts as Annihilation Barge

arthur.bobany 11-28-16 07:33 PM

Dakhma Wraiths
i'm still toying with this idea of making my Wraiths more squid-like to follow with the "tentacled menace" theme of the army.



Overlord Reaper Raiment counts-as Catacomb Command Barge
Harut has also designed these raiments to spec from the influences of the mysterious master of Dakhma. They are meant to be used to harvest their victims, more of a ceremonial garb than a warmachine.



That's all for now, feel free to check some more WiP pictures on my blog: Wargaming Rebel

Loki1416 11-28-16 09:20 PM

Gonna be honest, when I seen the first pic (tomb blades) I wasn't expecting much. The OSL is so over bearing that I didn't like it. But you surprised me. The rest of the stuff you did was well done!

arthur.bobany 11-29-16 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Loki1416 (Post 2373321)
Gonna be honest, when I seen the first pic (tomb blades) I wasn't expecting much. The OSL is so over bearing that I didn't like it. But you surprised me. The rest of the stuff you did was well done!

Hehehe, I did get a little carried away on those didn't I? It was my first time using an airbrush and I was just blown away by the possibilities at the same time as my lack of experience prevented me from getting better results. I did like them in the end, but I'll agree that the lightning effects are overdone.

I'm glad you like the overall result. I may go back at some point and retouch those, but my top priority is to get the pile of unassembled and unpainted units cleared up first.

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ExaltedUrizen 11-29-16 05:35 AM

Love your deathmark ideas, those drones look great!

arthur.bobany 11-29-16 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by ExaltedUrizen (Post 2373385)
Love your deathmark ideas, those drones look great!

I'm glad you liked it. The good thing is that this method uses the Immortals/deathmark kit completely and I get two units out of one box. Of course I had to provide the Wraith to make the centerpiece of the unit, but I had that one laying around for a while now.

Of course you can just use the drones as a unit as well, but I liked the concept of a single deathmark character.

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Khorne's Fist 11-29-16 08:35 PM

Some nice conversions in there, especially with the warriors. They're simple but break up the monotony of the horde.

Fluketrain 11-29-16 08:46 PM

Love the mottled blue/metal effect - especially on the warriors. Not a fan of necrons in general but you really make them work.

arthur.bobany 12-05-16 07:12 PM

Thanks guys!

I had some time to put the basic colors and washes to the Reaper Raiment



And its already seen some action!

Popping wave serpents to reap their tasty Eldar souls.

Going after pesky Tau wanna-bes

arthur.bobany 12-12-16 12:55 PM

Hi guys!

Time for a side project of mine! Shifting through my collection I had a bunch of unused Reaper Bones miniatures and I decided to set some apart to start working on a Nurgle Force so I have a second army tu introduce people to the hobby.

What follows are my plans for a Flying Demon Prince of Nurgle! Hope you like it!


The whole idea is that he floats around drippling endless viscera and guts onto anyone unfortunate enough to be under him. He's propelled by a rocket engine and is held afloat by a bulbous noxious gas baloon.









Khorne's Fist 12-13-16 08:16 PM

That farting prince is a work of genius. Well done. Is the balloon made from expanding foam?

arthur.bobany 12-14-16 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist (Post 2375825)
That farting prince is a work of genius. Well done. Is the balloon made from expanding foam?


Yep, expanding foam has the right looks and is rigid enough without adding a lot of weight, so the model remains stable 😀

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arthur.bobany 01-04-17 01:42 PM


Before leaving for Christmas with my family I had time to finish the painting on my Necron Overlord's Reaper Raiment (counts-as CCB).

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the results. I still need to apply dullcoat and then hit the gems and spheres with shiny varnish, but it looks pretty bad-ass and has already got a fame for ionflicting major pain to my opponents!

neferhet 01-04-17 01:49 PM

Outstanding modeling and pretty fuckedup fantasy, you possess!

koosbeer 01-04-17 04:03 PM

Great work. Looking forward to that painted demon prince! Awesome idea, awesome sculpting!

arthur.bobany 01-06-17 01:12 PM

Thanks guys! Your compliments are very much appreciated and keep me excited to bring in more!

I have finally had time before travelling to Rio to finish this character.


I still have to come up with a name and backstory for him as well as take proper photos, but I wanted to share his final painting here.

I also managed to lay down some bse colors on the Nurgle Demon Prince I've modelled.


I now need to get some new paint colors to properly advance on him, but I'm happy that the details and personality are coming out even at this early stage.

arthur.bobany 01-09-17 11:50 AM

Today I bring you my progress on yet another my Necron Lord (god I love my characters) and some progress on my Basic Morat Vanguard Infantry.



Thanks for looking!

arthur.bobany 01-12-17 02:38 AM

I just finished three more units for the army, two Rodoks and a spec-ops.



I also managed to finish another Necron Lord for my army. I do love characters...


Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy it.

Chaosftw 01-17-17 07:43 PM

Arthur.bobany ...

I am diggin what your tossing down here in this thread! I absolutely LOVE the Doomsday Arc! I was looking for a way to do up the FW Millipedes from the Necron line and I think you have got my creative juices flowing in a direction I can work with!

Cant wait to see what you have coming up next! Keep up the excellent work!

arthur.bobany 02-23-17 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by Chaosftw (Post 2380761)
I think you have got my creative juices flowing in a direction I can work with!

Thanks a lot and I'm glad to hear you are also feel the call to raise your legions once more!

I'm taking a break from my Necrons to finish my Infinity Morat so I can play that system as well, I only need 7 more Infinity miniatures and I'll come back to my crons!

I've been very busy with work, but I managed to do a few hobby sessions early in the morning and get these two guys finally done.



That marks my first two miniatures of the year!

arthur.bobany 03-30-17 06:38 AM

arthur.bobany 03-30-17 06:39 AM

arthur.bobany 03-30-17 06:39 AM

arthur.bobany 03-30-17 06:40 AM

arthur.bobany 03-30-17 06:41 AM

DaisyDuke 03-30-17 07:09 AM

Nice necrons dude, the pics do them justice.

arthur.bobany 03-31-17 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by DaisyDuke (Post 2396209)
Nice necrons dude, the pics do them justice.

Thanks man! I really appreciate it.

I've previously posted a Myrmidon hacker I did as a test for my wife. I'm now moving forward with her initial forces.

I'm still struggling with the clear finish of these miniatures. I dislike how the high contrast makes them look cartoony, but it's the technique I know and I want to have them ready to play with her ASAP, so I'll have to live with these results for now.


arthur.bobany 04-10-17 02:55 AM

So I have a tournament coming up in three months time. So much to do!

Here's the list of what I need to finish for it:
5x Warscythe Lychguard
1x Night Scythe
10x Scarab Swarms
6x Wraiths
2x Tomb Spiders
3x Tomb blades

Luckly, I have previously assembled the tomb blades and half the scarabs, but all else must be done from the start.

Só today I spent a good amount of time planning and got a few units assembled.

Here are my Wraiths. I dislike the perching position of the official miniatures. I also think they are a tad too big, so I slimmed them down a bit and made them more like a scorpion. My thought is that they impale their victims with the tail and dismember them with their claws.



My first five lychguard. I thought about magnetized weapons, but I lack the time and correct magnets for the job.


Finally, I started assembling my version of the tomb spider. I love the official model but I'm short on cash, so I'll just use my original kitbashed idea.


arthur.bobany 04-11-17 01:51 PM

The tomb spider prototype is ready. It ends up using lots of different kits and parts, but I'm quite happy with the results.

Its gonna be a pain to paint with all these appendages.



Khorne's Fist 04-12-17 08:37 AM

Some great conversions there, particularly the wraiths. While they are nice minis out of the box, I agree they are a bit to stiffly posed.

arthur.bobany 04-14-17 02:51 AM


Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist (Post 2399057)
Some great conversions there, particularly the wraiths. While they are nice minis out of the box, I agree they are a bit to stiffly posed.

Thanks! As I said before, I also dislike their sheer size, so I managed to slim them down a tad.

Today I managed to have some more progress towards my first tournament list!

5x scarab swarms - 70%
3x Wraiths - greenstuffed their tails
Tomb Spider - primed
5x lychguard - primed


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arthur.bobany 04-19-17 04:34 PM

Keeping up with progress, here are four Lychguard (still missing their blade final paint) and some base coating on the Tomb Spider (who needs a better name since, well, its not a spider).



Old Man78 04-19-17 07:11 PM

Love the tomb spider conversion lad, really Nice!

arthur.bobany 04-27-17 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by Old Man78 (Post 2400329)
Love the tomb spider conversion lad, really Nice!

Thanks! I can't wait to have it finished, but I've been really swamped at work for the past few days.

Despite that, I've made progress on basecoating the canoptek constructs.



Hope you enjoy my progress!

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arthur.bobany 05-02-17 05:04 PM

I finally have the minnimum requirements to run a Canoptek Harvest!

My first three wraiths


And the Tomb Spider!


Add them to my previous batch of Scarab Swarms and you got a happy little canoptek family!


I also started working on the last of my five Lychguard. This one adds a little dynamism to the bunch as he finishes off a fallen opponent with a Warscythe stab on the chest!


arthur.bobany 05-05-17 03:10 AM

No time to rest!

I'm preparing the second canoptek harvest now. Starting with more scarab bases, aren't they cute?


arthur.bobany 05-07-17 04:04 AM

Wargaming in Brazil has its challenges. The two main ones are the high cost due to import shipping and taxes and the shipping time. That means I can't get new models on short notice.

So what do I do when, just a couple months before the big tournament, I change my mind about my list?

Well I scavenge the leftover lychguard pieces and cast a few more to make praetorians on top of my lychguard!

I used insta mold and epoxy putty to make tails, chest pieces and rods. The pieces are lower quality, but will be hardly noticeable after painting and will definitely hold to a tabletop standard.




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