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Fluketrain 11-29-16 08:46 PM

Love the mottled blue/metal effect - especially on the warriors. Not a fan of necrons in general but you really make them work.

arthur.bobany 12-05-16 07:12 PM

Thanks guys!

I had some time to put the basic colors and washes to the Reaper Raiment



And its already seen some action!

Popping wave serpents to reap their tasty Eldar souls.

Going after pesky Tau wanna-bes

arthur.bobany 12-12-16 12:55 PM

Hi guys!

Time for a side project of mine! Shifting through my collection I had a bunch of unused Reaper Bones miniatures and I decided to set some apart to start working on a Nurgle Force so I have a second army tu introduce people to the hobby.

What follows are my plans for a Flying Demon Prince of Nurgle! Hope you like it!


The whole idea is that he floats around drippling endless viscera and guts onto anyone unfortunate enough to be under him. He's propelled by a rocket engine and is held afloat by a bulbous noxious gas baloon.









Khorne's Fist 12-13-16 08:16 PM

That farting prince is a work of genius. Well done. Is the balloon made from expanding foam?

arthur.bobany 12-14-16 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist (Post 2375825)
That farting prince is a work of genius. Well done. Is the balloon made from expanding foam?


Yep, expanding foam has the right looks and is rigid enough without adding a lot of weight, so the model remains stable 😀

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arthur.bobany 01-04-17 01:42 PM


Before leaving for Christmas with my family I had time to finish the painting on my Necron Overlord's Reaper Raiment (counts-as CCB).

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the results. I still need to apply dullcoat and then hit the gems and spheres with shiny varnish, but it looks pretty bad-ass and has already got a fame for ionflicting major pain to my opponents!

neferhet 01-04-17 01:49 PM

Outstanding modeling and pretty fuckedup fantasy, you possess!

koosbeer 01-04-17 04:03 PM

Great work. Looking forward to that painted demon prince! Awesome idea, awesome sculpting!

arthur.bobany 01-06-17 01:12 PM

Thanks guys! Your compliments are very much appreciated and keep me excited to bring in more!

I have finally had time before travelling to Rio to finish this character.


I still have to come up with a name and backstory for him as well as take proper photos, but I wanted to share his final painting here.

I also managed to lay down some bse colors on the Nurgle Demon Prince I've modelled.


I now need to get some new paint colors to properly advance on him, but I'm happy that the details and personality are coming out even at this early stage.

arthur.bobany 01-09-17 11:50 AM

Today I bring you my progress on yet another my Necron Lord (god I love my characters) and some progress on my Basic Morat Vanguard Infantry.



Thanks for looking!

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