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The Wraithlord 11-06-08 06:52 AM

Chaos Ascendant - The Corruption of The Wraithlord
Ok guys, for the time being, my Tomb Kings have been put on hold. The main reasons for this are 1) the new chaos models are just too freakin cool to pass up on and 2) getting tired of playing a 3rd tier army (yeah I said it). So I have now started in on a Fantasy Chaos army that will be comprised of mostly Warriors and models with Chaos Armour. And this time I won't be concerned with wysiwyg or power level and such. I am going to build this army using the models I want to paint and that look the coolest. As of tonight I now have 5 Chaos Knights assembled so I will post pics of them sometime tomorrow if possible.

surreal-mind 11-06-08 07:24 AM

cool, chaos for the win, looking forward to see your expert painting on the awesome new chaos warriors, got any ideas for what god and colour scheme?

dirty-dog- 11-06-08 07:37 AM

definitly can't wait to see this project come to life, specially with the skill to make em more thatn eavy metal quality.

good luck :victory:

taLLis 11-06-08 08:03 AM

Looking forward to seeing the models so post them up!! :)

How many points you doing?

- tal

The Wraithlord 11-06-08 03:58 PM


got any ideas for what god and colour scheme?
Not yet actually. Something grim and forbidding however and you can be sure my trademark flame and lighting effects will be in there. The biggest question right now is if I want to go with a mixed army or with a single god. I have to read the book far more before I know that. I will try and post pics of the assembled Knights later today if I can (might not, celebrating my 14th anniversary today too). One thing that will be different about this army is that I WILL NOT buy any further models for it until the current set has been painted.


How many points you doing?
2000pts for sure, more if I fell like painting up more models than I need :)

Chaosftw 11-06-08 04:04 PM

Wraith.... Thats really ironic that you are building a fantasy army based on Cool-ness, or Wow-Factor. Thats exactly what I did and ironicly enough i went from Chaos T-Sons to Fantasy Chaos and went full Warriors and Knights rofl..... Only difference between you and I at this point is....well you can customize and paint....and well....me...heh... not so much. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


The Wraithlord 11-06-08 06:36 PM

I am not sure just yet how much converting I will do on this army as the models really stand out on their own. I mostly figure that I will invest some serious time into the paint for the majority of it and convert special characters and such as the fancy takes me. In any case, here are the pics of the first 5 assembled Knights.

Knight 1


Knight 2


Knight 3


Standard Bearer




Ranked Unit


Not sure exactly how I will paint these models up but I am fairly certain that any hair showing on the horses (fetlocks, mane, tail) will be done in a fire scheme to make them look extremely otherworldly. For the models themselves, I am thinking of getting away from the usual blue tones that I have focused on for my Tsons but I don't wish to go with a basic colour either. I am thinking of doing them in a metallic look but with either runes or eldritch energies painted on top of it and glowing green is the way I am leaning right now. I also think I might try showing these guys as lit up from WITHIN the armour so it will only highlight the fact that these guys are no longer merely human but something far greater and far less at the same time. I will have to play with the paints to finally see where I go with this army as I never really know before I start what I am going to finally end up doing. Should be an adventure the whole way through.

One more thing, I just read in this codex that Lords can ride Chaos Dragons so expect to see a converted High Elf dragon being used as a mount for a Lord regardless of whether I use it in game or not. Probably be the next project after these guys :)

Trevor Drake 11-06-08 06:59 PM

Very nice wraith, those models are beautiful to begin with and imo you pulled them off perfectly ^^

Someguy 11-06-08 07:51 PM

Nice models.

Out of interest, do you plan on doing any conversions? Your painting is always very impressive but you tend to put stuff together pretty much as standard.

Nothing wrong with that of course, but with all the hours you spend painting your figures it seems like conversions could be worth it.

The Wraithlord 11-06-08 08:13 PM

I will be doing some yes just not sure on what or how many. As I said, I really think these models stand out on their own and on some of them adding gs to convert them may just make them look too busy.

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