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Skarphedin 10-25-16 07:25 AM

Skarbrand Abilities
A friend and I got into a discussion about how the rules work for Skarbrand.

Specifically, how his rage level effects everythig else. His argument is that the number of attacks from Slaughter and the chance for Total Carnage are dependant on the level of rage, and not on the number of wounds suffered. Therefore, in his first combat, he will be Incandescent, get 8 attacks from Slaughter, and can get Total Carnage on a 1+.

I understood it to mean that while he will be Incandescent for his first combat, since he has suffered 0 wounds (presumably) Slaughter will only have 4 attacks and Total Carnage will be on a 5+.

It is mostly relivant because the idea of a guaranteed 24 unsavable wounds from carnage is not very appealing, and it is sutprisingly easy to achieve. From how I understand the damage chart, Skarbrand being Incandescent basically means he gets 5/6 rage abilities his first combat and thats it. Nowhere does it say that dlaughter and carnage look at the rage level. In fact, they are on the "Damage Table", which I assume means its damage based, not rage based.

minisnatcher 11-08-16 07:33 PM

I would say you got it right.
Skarbrand is say battleround 2 no wounds, he charges in incandescent but slaughter is on 4 and total carnage on 5+
You do not move down that table over the line, just get incandescent as it is an ability for not having fought and look up whatever is relevant what depends on wounds. It says nowhere you get the other bonuses...
And incandescent turn 2 on a first charge is already pretty painful in my book cause those re-rolls will hurt.

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