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Tawa 10-01-16 03:11 PM

7th Heresy APC. Month One, October 2016.

Old Man78 10-02-16 02:44 PM

Huzzah! forward unto death or glory!!!!

Starting with a wee cheeky assassin, to ease my way back into this madness!


Edit: I added a suppressor to his pistol, and I'll most likely swap out the base to a 32mm

Tawa 10-02-16 03:45 PM

Haskanael 10-05-16 09:53 AM

I will be starting off with a 10 man squad of scions. before pics to follow.
ofcourse right in the middle of a frigging move.
I need to mod the SGT a bit (replace the power sword with a chainsword) and spray paint him

The Gunslinger 10-05-16 04:08 PM

Hey guys,

Opposite to Oldman78, I'm jumping in this month with an ambitious 20 skeletons:
Armed with spears and Tomb King's shields, they should look pretty good. Not overly sold on the round bases yet, but we will see.

Oh some of them have a base coat, I hope that's ok. They are the most un-touched skeletons I have left.

The Gunslinger

Logaan 10-06-16 01:51 PM

So in a slight amendment to my original plan, I will be completing a combination of my French and Chindits for my APC. This month is my three Chindit characters;


Tawa 10-06-16 04:13 PM

And here's the finished MMG Team......


DaisyDuke 10-07-16 02:08 PM

I've done 10 dark vengeance close combat cultists but can't upload any photos.
Also I seem to have made my b4 disappear, :ireful2:when the uploading issue is sorted can I submit them or do I have to do another unit?

R_Squared 10-07-16 08:14 PM

Ere we go!
Some more Flash Gitz! 2 more squads and I'll have Kaptin Badrukks Gitz for some master crafted naughtiness.
Sorry the pic is on the wonk, Tiny pic seems to be having a moment.


Lord of the Night 10-08-16 08:26 AM

151 Attachment(s)
I'll be starting the month with ten Crypt Ghouls, still have to decide which base to use though. I think i'll wait to see what these new texture paints are about before I make a final decision.


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