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ntaw 09-01-16 11:01 PM

Should Legion Lists Get a Handicap Against 40k Lists?
As the title puts it. I'm playing a match in a couple weeks against a pal who wants to use his 30k list against my 40k Necrons. He says he's read a bunch about how it's imbalanced and the 30k list should have a handicap, and while I'm happy to oblige and play to see what's up I'm also curious about other people's thoughts on the matter. I know nothing of 30k really and he has only played a few Zone Mortalis matches with his Legion and never actually faced a 40k list with it. Ultimately we'll play two games (at least), one with matched points and one with some sort of handicap for the 30k list if it gets absolutely rocked 'cuz we're friends and both get to have fun while we play.

Anyone ever heard of anything like this?

scscofield 09-02-16 12:56 AM

Unless your playing a high point game he will be at a handicap himself I would say. The 30K stuff doesn't scale down very well, if your playing under 3k points he will end up with very little on the board. At least that was what I experienced playing against the local 30k players. They tended to have a few high priced units without any support.

ntaw 09-02-16 01:25 AM

We're going to play 1250 points. What kind of handicap would you suggest at that level?

scscofield 09-02-16 01:31 AM

Honestly I would ask to see his 1250 list then after your done giggling, attempt to tone down a list to give it a challenge but not wafflestomp it.

ntaw 09-02-16 02:07 AM

For reference, my Necron list at 1250 is:

Overlord w. Phylactery, ResOrb

10x Immortals w. Gauss in a Night Scythe

20x Warriors

20x Warriors

8x Scarab bases

3x Wraiths w. Whip Coils

I use the Mephrit Detachment so my Warriors and Immortals get to re-roll 1's for Reanimation Protocols, but it's nowhere near as tanky as some of the Decurion stuff. Not trying to steamroll/get steamrolled just trying to get in some fun games. I had no idea that 30k vs. 40k would be imbalanced outside of the typical unit/wargear spam that's possible currently.

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