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Gorthol 08-10-16 01:49 PM

Hello! (again)
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Hi all!

I've come back to the hobby from a bit of a 'sabbatical!

I suppose I was last seen starting up a project log for my BA (which I will be starting to contribute to again soon with any luck!) back at the start of the year... Had a bit of a crappy few months since then and not had chance to get back on with my 40k'ing.

Long story short; I had a bad break up and moved from my house where I was living with a sweet set up for my hobby into a flat (or apartment for you heretics across the pond!) and going out drinking and overwork ing myself meant my hobby suffered.

I started reading the HH novels again after digging out my models to show a friend on a chance conversation and it must have been fate... I'd just decided to go sober and address some on-going mental health issues and the focus on my hobby has really helped.

Hope to get to know the newer members and get back talking to the old-guard again... it's been too long!

Watch this space... the Angels of Blood are coming.



Kreuger 08-10-16 07:15 PM

Welcome back! May the grimdark setting rejuvenate your spirit.

Because hey, at least you aren't in the hold of a black ship on your way to be eaten by the emperor! Your planet hasn't been consumed by chaos!

It can always get better.

Gorthol 08-11-16 07:05 AM

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Thanks @Kreuger :P

ExaltedUrizen 08-11-16 07:17 AM

Welcome back

Gorthol 08-11-16 07:19 AM

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Thanks @ExaltedUrizen :)

Old Man78 08-11-16 04:22 PM

Welcome back in from the cold!

Gorthol 08-12-16 12:31 PM

Thank you @Oldman78 :)

Brother Emund 08-13-16 07:16 PM

Welcome back brother....


Gorthol 08-16-16 09:19 AM

Cheers @Brother Emund

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