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Minigiant 08-07-16 05:12 PM

The Narva Reclamation – The Unofficial Imperial Armour
The Narva Reclamation – Unofficial Imperial Armour

I have followed the myriad potential futures of the Tau with great interest. Though barely even striplings compared to us, I feel a strange protectiveness towards them. In time I believe they will exceed even our greatest feats and master the darkness within their souls. (Eldrad Ulthran)

Welcome to my very ambitious project log, where I attempt to follow in the path of Forgeworld, and create my very own Imperial Armour book. This unofficial Imperial Armour book will involve my two forces, and will include (hopefully) a great story, great pictures, great presentation, custom scenarios, characters, and rules.

The Armies

Army number one: Tau
Why the Tau Empire? The Tau were my first army and I just loved there alternate ascetics and the whole ‘we are a shining light in the darkness’ thing. One thing that I want to attempt to do is represent the grim 40k universe and the poverty tau face; something I don’t believe Games Workshop do enough to convey.

Army number two: Sisters of Battle
Why the Adeptus Soraritas? Well in many ways, fluff wise, the Adeptus Soraritas and the Tau are two sides of the same coin. They both have a unique form of Imperialism. Now with GW neglecting the SoB, it provides great opportunity for as Warrans says ‘Gaming in the Gaps’

What is required?
As you can imagine with a project of this size, a lot is required. It takes Forgeworld years to produce theirs, and they have all their very talented members of staff. I have myself, and hopefully a supportive and encouraging hobby community to drive my along. I have this project in two stages

Stage One
  • Content Creation
  • Complete Tau Force
  • Complete Sisters of Battle Force
  • Narva representative terrain, scenery, and backdrop

Stage Two
  • Photography
  • Display
  • Presentation
  • Formatting
(You know all those computer skills I do not possess, yet!)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Minigiant 08-07-16 05:12 PM


Minigiant 08-07-16 05:13 PM

Tau Empire

Army Dispositions
600 Points -

1000 Points -

1250 Points -

1500 Points -

1850 Points -

Kill Team -

Narrative Mission Specific -

Completed Units

Commander Farsight

Commander Nightowl

Riptide Wing

Work in Progress

Minigiant 08-07-16 05:15 PM

Saved for later expansion

Minigiant 08-07-16 05:17 PM

Adeptus Sororitas - Order of the Abyss

Index Sororitas

Army Dispositions
600 Points -

1000 Points -

1250 Points -

1500 Points -

1850 Points -

Kill Team -
Narrative Mission Specific -

Completed Units

Work in Progress



Minigiant 08-07-16 05:18 PM

Last reservation

Minigiant 08-13-16 11:17 AM

XV105 Tsunami Riptide

The XV105 Tsunami is a special variant of the more common XV104 Riptide Battlesuit. They are deployed as a ground-level aid to survey crews in orbit. The most notable features are the up-armored front intakes and the enhanced XV9-inspired chest armor, complete with visual readouts for the pilot, which are also based on the XV9 platform. Additionally, to aid with the mobility required for an exploratory suit, a secondary center jetpack is mounted on the back of the armor. It incorporates a larger intake to aid with cooling and is engraved with the text “Caution: Nova Reactor” on one side and “ATT” on the other. This is a display of homage from the Fio who designed the enhancements as a recognition of the orbital in which he learned his trade. Other enhancements include an extended heavy burst cannon and increased shin armor to help aid the pilot in any sticky situations encountered while surveying planets.

Though it is not specifically intended for high levels of combat, the XV105 Tsunami has proven to be the most durable XV10 platform yet and other cadres are quickly requesting that this variant be incorporated into their own forces. Aside from increased survivability, field testing on the consequences to performance based on these upgrades has proven inconclusive.

Minigiant 03-05-17 12:26 PM

Loran 03-06-17 07:09 AM

Amazing weathering / camo! :grin2:
What makes your work so stunning is that I'm not sure if you're going for weathering, battle damage or camo! It looks so good that I'm not wholly sure :P A natural look on the colour scheme, so it doesn't jump out too much but it's also very evident :)

Can't wait to see the next models! :)

Chaosftw 03-06-17 05:35 PM

That is some excellent work! Love the extended Burst Cannon! and the subtle head swaps are always cool to see!

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