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Kharn The Complainer 04-20-16 07:10 PM

GW is RACIST and hates Asians!
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There's one thing which really gets my nails burning and that's the stereotyping and discrimination of a race or group of people. When I butcher people, I do it equally. I'm not one for racial bigotry, I'll bring a chainsaw to your face whatever your race.

GW, on the other hand, hates Asians.

I will now present my water tight argument explaining my point.

White Scars. GW hates them. We have only one full WS novel in the whole of the Horus Heresy.
Even the novel goes on to mock the racial stereotyping involved in the Imperium (aka GW)
According to publications, the WS struggle to speak Gothic and end up speaking a comical pidgeon Gothic. They're the only legion unable to master the language. Is GW mocking how Asians struggle to speak English?

Lets look at background fluff. None. There isn't any.
Check out Lexicanum to see their backstory. The majority of their page is pictures and reference to their ONE HH novel. Compare it to Ultrasmurfs and you can see a vast difference.
They sit around reading poetry, that's it.

GW like to hammer home that they're fast. In and out. A racist dig at Asian sexual practices?! It looks like it.

Special units. Only two and one of these is from the new Deathwatch game. What's even worse is that the modellers didn't even change their faces! Is it because GW thinks that all Asians look the same? I think so. See picture for proof.

I checked forgeworld. With all the extra heads and body parts being released for the legions, surely the WS have different heads.
NO! Only helmeted models for the poor White Scars.
Death Guard unhelmed model? Yes
Blood Angels? Yes
Dark Angels? Yes
Emperors Children? Yes
Imperial Fists? Yes
Iron Hands? Yes
Raven Guard? Yes
Salamanders? Yes
Ultramarines? Yes
Word Bearers? Yes
World Eaters? Yes

Thousand Sons? No. But that's because they're Arabs and GW also hates Arabs.
Sons of Horus? No. But they have a lot of special models to make up for it.
Night Lords? No. But they also have lots of special units and champions.
Iron Warriors? No. But they're a poor man's Iron Fists, so nobody cares about them. Which also proves that GW doesn't care about poor people.

This proves that GW and FW don't even want to model the faces of WS. They clearly see them as unworthy of having a face modelled for them. Space Wolves have dozens and dozens of head available. WS have two (which is essentially the same face)

So, in the last 30 years, GW has released 2 character models for the White Scars and they both look the same and look shit. White Scars have no special units. No special Legion units in HH. They have nothing at all.
I bet in the next fluff update (which may happen if GW remembers that WS exist) they'll be eating sushi and watching Hentai and playing in whacky TV shows.

GW hates them because they are Asian and Chinese don't play 40k. But good old white Ultramarines, with their aryan figures, Roman noses, blonde hair and blue eyes are perfect.

Next Week Kanye West and I will bring to you; GW HATES BLACK PEOPLE.

gen.ahab 04-20-16 07:19 PM

That's some good shit, bro. :laugh:

Kreuger 04-20-16 08:06 PM

I'm not sure if you're serious or taking the proverbial piss.

Granted, GW have done a bad job releasing White Scars models and apparently have done fuck all with their history. Both are a shame because the white scars have been in the game since rogue trader.

As for "hating" or marginalizing the scars because they're Chinese is silly.

First, because the scars aren't Chinese. They're based on Genghis Khan's Mongol horde and possibly on other related nomadic horsemen like the Tatars. Those guys were badass. They conquered most of the known world (e.g. Eurasia) at the time. The faces of the two guys appear to match the mustache styles of ancient Tatars and Bulgars who were known for extravagant mustaches. It's a pity that haven't made more faces though.

Second, if anything it's a matter of GW focusing their marketing on the armies that look more like their player base.

Third, being fast was a hallmark of Mongol warfare.

If the language piece is accurate that might signify some sort of discrimination or ugly stereotype.

If not serious. . . ?

MidnightSun 04-20-16 08:12 PM

I can appreciate the attempt at a tabloid-style clickbait thing, but it's not really satirical enough to actually succeed in being funny.

Kharn The Complainer 04-20-16 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by MidnightSun (Post 2325010)
I can appreciate the attempt at a tabloid-style clickbait thing, but it's not really satirical enough to actually succeed in being funny.

So you're saying that I'm not funny? Well, then that makes you prejudice against people with Butcher's Nails. What a sad world we live in when someone is judged purely because of the metal brain implants drilled into their skull. Do you somehow think that you're better than me just because you have a normal functioning brain?

MidnightSun 04-20-16 08:54 PM

I don't think that your post isn't funny because you roleplay as a raging lunatic on internet forums dedicated to little plastic space men, I think that your post isn't funny because your post isn't funny.

People who play the whatever 'is it because I'm x' card are dumb. We know. This has been true for some years now.

ntaw 04-20-16 08:54 PM


Old Man78 04-20-16 09:11 PM


Kreuger 04-21-16 12:53 AM

Note to self, do not play the "butcher's nails" card.

The Gunslinger 04-21-16 01:56 AM

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...what did I just read...

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