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Serpion5 04-14-16 07:09 AM

The Storm...
"You are soldiers of the Tempestus Scions. You are the best unaugmented mankind has to offer in the field of warfare. Your aim is sharp, your will unshakable and your cause is the betterment of the Imperium of Man. No foe can stand before you without feeling the wrath you bring. You are the Tempestus. You are the Storm."

Welcome to The Storm, a story where you will play the role of a scion under squad Zephyr. Your immediate superior is Sergeant Kharis, a veteran of some forty years of service to the Emperor's Holy Inquisition.

All of you are top graduates of the Schola Progenium, specializing in the rigorous physical and mental disciplines required of the Tempestus. You are skilled in the art of combat, disciplined beyond the scope of the Astra Militarum, and versed in the various tactics and stratagems of various alien foes.

You have all spent at least a decade in the service of the Ordo Xenos, some of you will have extensive experience facing eldar pirates, others will have refined expertise in combating kroot, but regardless all of you by now will have developed a keen battlefield sense allowing you to adapt your tactics to any foe.

The Story:

As with any tale that draws an inquisitor's attention, this one begins with a series of events in defiance of the Imperium's creed. Investigation into a genestealer cult on the world of Amerus Secunda in Segmentum Tempestus was halted due to extreme resistance. While awaiting reinforcements from Space Marines of the Dark Angels chapter the world was beset upon by tyranids of a small splinter fleet. In resignation, Inquisitor Jamera Callisto was forced to allow evacuation to take place, even if it meant the genestealer cult would also escape.

Some thirty eight years later, having placed operatives on every recorded world the refugees escaped to, a promising lead on the cult's whereabouts have finally emerged. In the interest of stamping out the cult and extinguishing the beacon that the splinter fleet follows, the Ordo Xenos has opted for the more direct approach. To this end Callisto has placed her newest and most promising apprentice in charge of the operation, leading several platoons of scions in a swift and decisive strike. The target planet, Aurox Prime, is a mining world sporting several hive cities and numerous mining and refining facilities.

Your presence is supported by a small flotilla of warships in orbit. Additionally your ground force includes a number of valkyrie transports, vulture gunships and taurox squadrons. It is the thinking of Callisto and her apprentice, the young woman named Jocelyn Thran, that since genestealers were witnessed fighting alongside the tyranids on Amerus their numbers would be reduced here. Before the cult can grow again, they must be eliminated...


1: There will be no godmodding. Always worth repeating.
2: Characters can die. Never assume you have plot armour. If your character dies, you may create a second. Your are one stormtrooper among several full platoons and it will be a simple matter for a player to assume the role of another.
3: Post quality. At least eight sentences per action post. At least one post per update.
4: As GM my decision is final. Please keep out of character chat to this thread.
5: If you must leave the rp or cannot post for a while, please inform me so I can keep your character on standby if necessary.

Character sheets:

Fill this out:

Name: Obvious.
Age: At least twenty eight. Probably no older than forty.
Gender: Male or Female.
Description: Things like height, complexion, facial features, eye and hair colour, body build, tattoos etc. Also you may customize your armour with markings and trophies so long as they are not too garish or impractical.
Personality: Beyond your finely honed soldier mindset, how do you interact with others? Did you manage to keep a sense of humour? Has your personality been affected by any particularly trying encounters in the line of duty?

It will not be necessary to include a backstory since you all will have similar origins and service records. However feel free to include any remarkable specific instances or achievements that your character has survived if you wish. Clarify with me if you are unsure.

Your wargear is as follows: Hellgun (my preference to the silly name of hot shot lasgun), Hellpistol, Combat knife, Frag grenades (3), Krak grenades (2), Carapace Armour complete with enclosed helmet. Special weaponry may be issued over the course of the rp as it becomes necessary.

Decimus Arbiter 04-14-16 05:14 PM

Hope this is alright, let me know what needs changing!

Name: Victor Saul

Age: 38 years, Terran-standard

Gender: Male

Description: Victor is a striking figure: tall, well built, and with robust, almost craggy features under sharply-cut, jet black hair. His chin juts out, his jawline like a rock, his nose bent from several breakages. His eyes are like twin brown pits, unblinking and stern. His lips are curled in a permanent semi-sneer, and thick stubble adorns his chin and neck. Victor has no tattoos, and his carapace armour is clean and unadorned but for a tiny scratched-out raven, no bigger than a man's thumb, over his right chest-guard: the only reminder of his failed screening to join the Adeptus Astartes.

Personality: Victor possesses a single-minded, almost dogged purity of purpose, kindled in him from an early age by his family to encourage him to follow his father's footsteps into the Imperial Navy, stoked by his failure to pass the Raven Guard screening test, and tempered by the Schola Progenium. He sees only his failures, striving constantly to become the very image of unaugmented perfection, secretly afraid that his only defining feature is inadequacy and determined not to die in ignominy. Victor pushes himself to the absolute limit in all things, permanently frustrated by his limitations and uncompromising in his views. This has not made him a mindless drudge: he is able and willing to communicate with and establish good relations with his fellow soldiers, but their tendency to die has prevented him from making any significant friendships over his lifetime.

History of note: Failure in the Raven Guard neophyte screening test, and subsequent discharge. As Victor was still young, he was eligible to join the Schola Progenium as his father had in the meantime passed away in service to the Imperial Navy. As a Scion, Victor has not gained high glory or fought in any especially significant conflicts, but has fought in the number of bloody battles one would expect of a Stormtrooper aged 38 against Eldar, Tau, and once a minor Chaos uprising. Otherwise no important history.

Hope that's ok - I didn't want to include much in the History as the lack of major battles/significant honours is something that drives Victor on and frustrates him further that he is unable to live up to the standards he sets himself. I also hope the Astartes rejection is ok, the secondary heart is still inside Victor but is just useless soft tissue and doesn't work: again I wanted this to be another thing that drives Victor and fuels his hidden feelings of inadequacy. But as I said, let me know what needs changing! :good:

Edit: Oh and last thing, if the failed secondary heart is accepted it will be a secret to everyone except higher-up officers who would have access to Victor's records - he never speaks of it and it is hardly on display.

Edit 2: All references to the failed first stage surgery removed, Victor now fails at the screening test pre-implantation.

Serpion5 04-15-16 09:01 AM

I'm not sure about the failed astartes story. I don't think it likely that a space marine chapter just lets a potential neophyte walk away with a valuable implant. I was also under the impression that the implantation process was something you either survive or you don't.

Everything else looks fine, but I think this part would be better if you took out the heart implant part and wrote it that Saul did not make it past the astartes screening process.

Decimus Arbiter 04-15-16 09:15 AM

Ok, will do - I knew that certainly some of the later/more complicated implants were succeed or die but didn't know it started as early as the first, will change that right away!

Serpion5 04-15-16 10:28 AM

That sits better now, Victor is accepted.

Dark Apostle Marduk 04-15-16 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by Serpion5 (Post 2323497)
I'm not sure about the failed astartes story. I don't think it likely that a space marine chapter just lets a potential neophyte walk away with a valuable implant. I was also under the impression that the implantation process was something you either survive or you don't.

Everything else looks fine, but I think this part would be better if you took out the heart implant part and wrote it that Saul did not make it past the astartes screening process.

I just wanted to touch on this a bit before I post my app. You are pretty much right, but I wanted to throw this out there. Astartes who do not pass evaluation or do not take the implants correctly or who do and fail to take on the tenants of selected legion will either die (because of the failed implants) or they will be put down by the overseeing neophyte leader (usually a scout sergeant). I found this in the first couple chapters of The Outcast Dead when one of the characters is describing the boss man of the main gangs in the setting.

I will be writing my app up here right now and post what I have completed shortly! Looks like a lot of fun!

Imperial_Commissar 04-18-16 02:50 AM

Name: Brynjarr Hjalmarsson

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Description: Built like a tank and standing at an impressive 6'9". Brynjarr wears his hair closely cropped to his head along with a decently kept beard. where the right side of his face should be lies a a massive burn scar from the near miss of a tau pulse rife round gained during fighting in the Damocles crusade. across the sides of his head are various tattoos of his home planet's culture, which appear almost tribal in origin. These same tattoos run down his arms and chest stopping in intricate knots on his wrists and abdomen. On the chest piece of his carapace armor is a small stylized imperial eagle fashioned much the same as his tattoos.

Personality: Brynjarr is talkative, seeking to express all of his doubts vocally and never hesitant to speak his mind. He is loyal to those who he deems worthy almost to a fault, however if judged unworthy he doesn't hesitate in explaining why that is the case, often holding them in contempt.To his fault he is a complete alcoholic, although he watches what he says when sober all measure goes out the window when inebriated, which can get Brynjarr into trouble. He drinks to combat the horror's seen in his life as a storm trooper, as such he has a tendency to be pessimistic and caustic to those around him but tries his best to remain affable. At his core he is a tortured individual with personal demons haunting his every step.

Notable engagements: Fought in the Damocles crusade where his platoon suffered heavy casualties, fought in several incursions against tyranid splinter fleets, his squads suffering heavy casualties. each time only he and several others making it out.

Let me know if anything needs changed.

Serpion5 04-18-16 01:35 PM

Brynnjarr seems fine to me. :good:

Imperial_Commissar 04-18-16 03:03 PM

Dope, thanks chief!

Decimus Arbiter 04-18-16 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by Decimus Arbiter (Post 2323353)
Name: Victor Saul

Age: 38 years, Terran-standard


Originally Posted by Imperial_Commissar (Post 2324186)
Name: Brynjarr Hjalmarsson

Age: 39

Just had to one-up me there, didn't ya? :laugh:

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