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OrderInfinitelyDivided 04-08-16 06:33 AM

Ultimate Chaos Fluff Bibliography
Greetings, Lords of Chaos!

I'm on a quest of Ahriman-ian proportions to find my own "Black Library", as it were. I would like to be a downright scholar of Chaos, to have every bit of Chaos-related fluff ever, especially the older stuff so I can see how it's developed over the years. I'd like to know when the first description of the various realms of Chaos was published (Slaves to Darkness?), for instance. I'm just getting into this stuff, so I wondered if some of you veterans of the Black Crusades might be able to get me started with some places to look or a rough list of titles. Are the 40k novels canonical, by the way? I have so many questions.

Kharn The Complainer 04-08-16 09:24 AM

You could start by sifting through this...


Squire 04-08-16 01:14 PM

May the pantheon favour you. I suggest binding these tomes in the skin of your enemies.

This could be quite a time consuming project though. Will you be trying to obtain every codex, and even WFB chaos publications? The source lists on Lexicanum could be a decent place to start, maybe try collecting sources from the bigger articles

OrderInfinitelyDivided 04-08-16 05:20 PM

Thank you both, and may the Gods be ever in your favor! ;)

I will indeed be starting my search at Lexicanum, and it goes without saying that I'll need every core rulebook and Chaos codex, as well as Eldar codexes as they relate to the birth of the Prince of Pleasure and Pain. Also, yes, my studies will bridge the dimensions to include tomes from WFB. Not sure if I care about Age of Sigmar, though. . . .

shaantitus 05-30-16 06:44 AM

You need the Liber Chaotica. The definitive tome for any Worshiper at the altar of Chaos. Not sure if it is still available from gw. I found mine on Amazon. I am pretty sure I have most of the literature you seek. But this is my Black Library, and once entered, none escape alive.........

Reality is it is all at home and I am away for work, I have all the 40k chaos codexes and all the 40k rulebooks back to first ed. But it is at least three years since I looked at it, just getting back into the hobby now.

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