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Haraldrr 10-29-08 03:57 PM

Wizards and warlocks
Ive always wondered what the difference is between wizards,warlocks and sorcerers

Blackhiker 10-29-08 04:12 PM

wizards have a tiny spark for magic and learn how to nurture it so that they can use powerful spells.

Sorcerers have a good magical backbone, but mostly try random things to try and make the magic work.

Warlocks basically grab magic through just sheer force of will and batter it until it does what they want it to do.

these types are mostly based on my D&D knowledge though

Haraldrr 10-29-08 04:16 PM

coolio :biggrin:

Steel Rain 10-29-08 04:22 PM


Wizards train to use magic. They don't have any sort of inkling beyond book knowledge. They have skill but not talent. Think of them as monks who cast spells.
Sorcerers are natural born casters. Their power comes from their bloodline, mostly. They typically do not have the training to learn more spells. They have talent, but not skill. Think of them as barbarians who cast spells.
Warlocks have received their power through pacts with devils or demons either they themselves made or their ancestors made.

squeek 10-29-08 04:28 PM

There are lots of conflicting things written but generally what Steel Rain says is more or less the norm.

Wizards are your common or garden purveyor of magic, who has a natural predispostion for it maybe, but must train to wield their skills effectively.

Sorcerors are sometimes said to be the eighth offspring of a wizard, since this greatly enhances the gift of natural magic talent, wizards are often celebate, some times by law/lore to prevent sorcerors being born. Sorcerors are normally able to meld magic to their own will and do not need to be trained to use their gift.

Warlocks more often than not use Dark Magic. Whether demonic or just plain black magic. They also tend to use magic more aggresively and be used as battle wizards in a number of fantasy works.

But all of that is up for dispute, depending upon what you read and who you prefer to agree with.

WoRLoKKeD 10-29-08 10:06 PM

I remember from old D&D Lore that Wizards have a gift, but have to train to use it. Sorcerers are more often than not have a natural disposition to be able to use these abilities, but lack to training to learn whatever they want, and one line of thinking puts them as possible carriers of dragon's blood, and Warlocks are generally, as said, those who make pacts with denizens of other planes.

Col. Schafer 10-31-08 04:43 AM

Well there are lots of diferent versions, as already demonstrated. Theres is no right or wrong set, so I'll give a few:
D&D 3rd edition:
Wizard: Trains and nurtures minor ability untill they can be quite efective(all spells know few spells/Day
Sorcerer: Lucks out on lots of talent, but tends not to train to hard, leading to a diferent but equal power level of a wizard (High spells/Day low Spells known)
Warlock: Warlock? whats a warlock? (they dont exisit)

D&D 4th edition:
Wizard: Wields arcane magic thru skill or talent
Warlock: Pact with Daemons, Stars (Yes I dont get it either) or Fey
Scorcerer: See warlock above.

D&D second edition (As I remember it)
They are all words for the same thing, but are generaly used to refer to diferent styles of magec:
Scorcerer: Lots of somoning and controling spells, ie "you, do it for me".
Wizard: Generic term for spellcaster, A balenced repituare of spells
Warlock: Firey death!!!

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