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Squeeking up on people 02-25-16 05:47 PM

Tournament Mistakes
Hi there,
I was at a tournament recently where my opponent accidentally over-watched with a unit that was slow and purposeful. I discovered this during his next shooting phase, when he was going to run, but remembered the Slow and Purposeful bit.

Now I believe the mistake was genuine, and I let it go, but other people are telling me I should have rewound the game to the previous assault phase and carried out the assault.

I am curious what the consensus is, when your opponent makes a mistake during a tournament how much leeway do you demand? Would you have forced them to go back to the assault phase?


Rush Darling 02-25-16 06:53 PM

Don't play in tournaments personally, but if it was a genuine mistake on his part it would have been nice to see some sort of concession. (Removing D3 units from the squad? Don't know really).

Re-winding sounds pretty tedious, but I guess it just depends on how seriously you're both taking it.

Squeeking up on people 02-25-16 07:18 PM

yeah I don't think it would have changed the game. I just feel that it was partly my fault for forgetting they were SnP.

IDK I have no idea what the etiquette is

R_Squared 02-25-16 08:04 PM

Did the overwatch make a difference?
If not, don't sweat it. The problem with 40k is the amount and complexity of the rules, combined with time pressures means it is easy to make a mistake. If it's not a game changer, and youre ok with it being a genuine mistake, don't worry about it.

morfangdakka 02-25-16 08:22 PM

I was doing a league match that me and my opponent both made mistakes like that and we both rewound the game and rolled it correctly. Turns out nothing had changed from it, so we continued the game. Unless it made a big impact I would have just played on. Usually if it is an honest mistake people will offer to go back and reroll the turn.
I think if you weren't that serious about it or it made little impact I would have just played on.

Kharn The Complainer 02-25-16 09:01 PM

I would have kicked the table over and stamped on his miniatures.

darkreever 02-25-16 10:33 PM

If the overeat ch resulted in you losing models I would have just added them back in and just quickly done their attacks if the resulting combat had seen your squad wiped out or swept.

Otherwise just add back the models and use then next round.

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