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Jacobite 07-29-07 05:01 AM

Horus Heresy Discussion - WARNING: Spoilers - Update 22/10/07
Just thought I'd create a thread for any random discussion of the Horus Heresy books.

If you havn't read them or don't want to find out what happens then don't read these posts as discussion will most likely be of Spoiler like material.

You have been warned.

I'm enjoying them so far. False Gods was a bit draggy but then again it had to be, can't all be bombs and bullets can it. The one thing I would like to see (which they have started to do now) is to include more of the Chapters into it, especially the other Legions who turn tratior - so far we have not heard anythign of the Night Lords, Iron Warriors or Alpha Warriors and only a little of the Thousand Sons (no doubt to Wraiths anger).

But now that they have done Fulgrim, are doing Descent Of Angels, plus another book has just been announced called 'Legion' written by Abnett (all plot details are yet unknown). I have hopes that in the next year or two we will see books for a those other Legions come out detailling their fall from grace (Wishing and hoping Abnett will write 'The Dark').

Anyway enough from me. Let the discussion begin.

Firewolf 07-29-07 10:35 AM

>> Hopefully they will tell us more about other traitors. Have enjoyed all of the books, but I thought Flight was a bit of a drag, but then again, what can really happen on a ship, apart from being assaulted by Nurgle. Fulgrim was spot on, really enjoyed it. Character buld so far has been good, especially Loken. Was sorta gutted when he got wasted. You can feel the arrogance in Lucius as well. Hopefully they will do a book about the sacking of Prospero.

>> On another note Jaco,. Do you take these novels as fluff? Just with them being the most in depth about the Heresy so far.

Jacobite 07-29-07 10:41 AM

Its a interesting question in regards to wether they could be considered fluff. Personally I do accept them as canon. For the reason that I don't think BL would fuck about with such a huge subject as the HH. They know that everybody will consider it as fluff in 5 or so years. And its very indepth.

There is a few minor things which annoy me (equipment etc), but in the majority I think that they are as good as they could be.

I totally agree with you on the Loken and Lucius thing. Their development has been great. I was glad when Loken died though, I would have been pissed if he had turned with the rest of the chapter and it really solidifed the idea that it really was brother against brother.

Firewolf 07-29-07 11:07 AM

>> On the canon thing. You get people will say its not because its not in a dex or the like, but most of the novels are written by people who help design the games.

>> I imagine when Descent of Angels comes out theres gonna be a lot of Dark Angels players saying either told you they not shady, or what the fuck man, my Angels cant be that dodgy.

>> What do you thinks gonna happen wi Horus Aximand? Stay loyal to Horus or loyal to rthe Emperor, as he seems to be having conflicting thoughts.

Jacobite 07-29-07 11:17 AM

To be honest I'd love to see the size of a Codex that could properly explain the ins and outs of the HH. It would be bloody huge.

Descent of Angels is going to be really interesting I think. Not only because it is about the Dark Angels own private little Heresy but also because it is the first novel about a Legion that doesn't turn tratior (or not fully anyway). It's going to ruffle feathers though no matter what way you look at it.

I think Little Horus is going to stay loyal to Horus. He's in far to deep now, even if he did get away from the Sons he would be shot on site. Either that or he will be killed off in a later purge probably by Abbadon. Horus and Abbadon will get a little suspicous of his motives. He isn't embracing Chaos he's just still loyal to Horus. And once a tratior always a tratior so they will think he might og back to the Emporer.

One thing I really did like about Flight was when Qruze repainted his armour to Luner Wolves colors - I thought that was such a nice touch.

Just checked on the internet and apparently Legion is going to be about the Alpha Legion. And because I'm so nice here is the cover of the book which I found. It might be fake though.


Graham McNeils next book which is slated for Spet 08 is aparently going to be about the Adp Mech and their infighting so it should be interesting to see the HH universe expanded to the non SM organisations.

Still no word on anything Night Lords :( Whats worse is that their isn't much call for it. There is a fair amount for Salamanders and Raven Gaurd though which is fair enough something needs to be done about them but we can't have the Night Lords being the only Chaos Legion not being featured.

Firewolf 07-29-07 12:00 PM

>> Honestly mate, I aint got a clue. :?: Only thing I could even think of is the Loyal legions returning to Earth to face Horus, but probably not. You got any ideas?

Firewolf 07-29-07 12:03 PM

>> Did the Alpha Legion not attack the Smurfs. Can remewmber reading something about this, not in Fulgrim though, even though there is a small mention of it. Apparantly, the Alphas had some men paint there armou like smurfs, smurfs thought they were reinforcements, then BLAMM, fucked. HEE_HEE, dead Smurfs. :D

Jacobite 07-29-07 12:05 PM

Not sure aye. There is very little info about the book out other than its about the Alpha Legion. Not the chapter I expected to be covered next I can tell ya.

Firewolf 07-29-07 12:06 PM

>> Im off for a few spliffs at my mates, so catch you later.

Jacobite 07-29-07 12:17 PM

Just found out another peice of rumour. Aparently, according to some sources Legion is the 8th book NOT the 7th. So another book might be in between the two. It had better be published that way other wise a lot of people are going to get very confused.

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