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Tahaal 01-01-07 07:22 AM

BA flesh
So, depsite having the army on the verge of being "finished" (i need to convert my SGHP and need one more Razorback), I havn't painted it all yet.

So, I've just started the first scout (of 20). I have it all figured out, except the flesh. I know BA are supposed to be paler, so how do I do that?

(NOTE: Due to me not having a local shop around, I can't buy paints. So, if you could suggest a flesh paintscheme that doesn't involve any of the paints that contain the word "flesh" in it would make my time a little easier. If its not possible, then I'll wait till my next order to get the right paints)

blkdymnd 01-01-07 07:30 AM

I ran into the same thing with my Raven Guard who also have pale flesh. Most flesh I base off of a brown. So I'll put down a medium brown and then work my dark to light flesh tones on the model. With the Raven Guard I tried something different that worked really well. Instead of a brown, I worked it from a gray and it turned out really pale

oh, and the paints i did use, did involve the word flesh besides the grey base so not sure where to point you to make nonflesh flesh colors.

This is the only shot I could find of the flesh of the old army...


Tahaal 01-01-07 08:12 AM

Hmm, maybe start out with a gray and build up to bleached bone? I'll try that tomorrow. Thanks!

jigplums 01-01-07 10:12 AM

i'd just add white to the colours you'd normally use, and start a shade brighter than normal. For example i usually start at darkflesh but instead would start at dwarf flesh. if you have scorched brown that goes pinky when you add white so maybe try that with 1/1 white the 1/2 white etc....until your happy. What flesh tones do u usually use?

01-01-07 11:42 AM

How To Paint Flesh

Step 1: If your working up from a Black undercoat, you need to put a mid tone flesh colour on to the skin Dark Flesh tone works well for this. Then go over that with Dwarf flesh or just straight over a white undercoat.

Step 2: Give it a very watered down wash of brown ink (add Pva Glue to the water mix it helps it settle in the right places.

Step 3: Go over the flesh in dwarf flesh again, leaving the shade of the ink in the crevasses.

Step 4: Add Elf flesh to Dwarf flesh very small amount to start with and then highlight the cheeks, the whole jaw, the brow, the nose.

Step 5: Add more Elf Flesh to Dwarf Flesh then highlight the same areas as above, but leaving more of the previous colour. Just add elf flesh to Dwarf flesh until ur at a point of where you are happy.

Step 6: Eyes if youíre feeling brave do the eyes itís quite hard to make them look straight. Also the tip to doing eyes is to start with Black in the eyes sockets. Then a thin line of white leaving black around it, then a line from top to bottom in black.


You donít need a fin detail to do skin; all you need is a brush with a tip.

Donít add white to skin, as it can make it go chalky.

You can do those eyes before you start to high light.

Just be neat, the neater and tidier a model looks the better it will look

01-01-07 11:47 AM


Due to me not having a local shop around, I can't buy paints.
Is there an art shop near by, if there is they should sell the Vallejo range.

But you need to get proper paints even if you have to mail order them.

cccp 01-01-07 02:22 PM

yeah, i think that jamescuk is nearly right. id do this;

1) start with a tanned flesh basecoat
2) paint over completely with dwarf flesh so you cant see any of the basecoat.
3) highlight the raised areas of the face with a mix of elf and dwarf flesh 1:1
4) 2nd highlight of elf flesh
5) 3rd highlight of elf flesh and bleached bone. i find bone makes it look less chalky that white.
6) very very very watered down brown ink wash, mixed with a little pva glue.
7) paint eyes and teeth etc.

hope this helps. sorry about all the flesh colours but i think that a 'meduim flesh colour' will mean something different to everyone.

slaanesh's tears 01-02-07 10:11 PM

i would do a gray base coat and build up to white and than get some very watered down black and put iy in the reseses if your looking for a really pale colour

my other way is
1)graveyard earth over black base
2)graveyard earth with desert yellow 50:50 mix
3)desert yellow
4)desert yellow with rotting flesh 50:50 mix
5)rotting flesh
6)rotting flesh with bleach bone 50:50 mix
7)bleach bone
8)bleach bone with skull white and make it as bright as you want it

i couldnt get a pic of my 2nd way its for hair though and it looked good on my Saggoth

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