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Gorthol 01-07-16 01:00 PM

Theft of minis...
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Hi guys

please see the below screenshot, the manager at my local GW (Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England) has posted this on Facebook, please keep you're eyes peeled if you ever on eBay, these models are from his own private gaming collection:


Sorry if this isn't in the right place guys but please keep an eye out.


ntaw 01-07-16 01:09 PM

Damn that sucks. I'm gunna go spraypaint something offensive on my case so people are less inclined to do such a thing.

Hopefully this guy gets his stuff back!

Old Man78 01-07-16 01:12 PM

That is soo low if it has been fleeced, hopefully some dope just packed up the wrong gear, or playing a prank in bad taste

Gorthol 01-07-16 01:32 PM

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Yeah I hate the thought that somebody has taken them intentionally and if it's in my local GW it could have happened to me.

Sam at Harrogate GW is a great bloke and doesn't deserve this!

jin 01-07-16 03:55 PM

that sucks.
betrayal of this sort, of this magnitude, could break a man, make him turn...

DelvarusThePitFighter 01-07-16 06:06 PM

That fuckin sucks man I hope he gets them back :angry:

Gabriel Chase 01-07-16 06:35 PM

It's pretty shitty that there are people like that around. It reminds you how careful you need to be, even when you think you're in a fun and safe environment.

Tawa 01-07-16 09:33 PM

The scum get everywhere it would seem. :(

Einherjar667 01-08-16 01:01 AM

That's awful! :( I hope they turn up. I see guys at the LGS here and they're pretty liberal with how they leave their armies about, and I am always reassured with humanity that everyone is so respectful of it. However instances like this dash that feeling. Hopefully they turn up. :/

jin 01-08-16 03:43 AM

maybe this is an answer?

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