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Tyriks 01-06-16 05:55 AM

Crusade Squads
Anyone have any good ideas for what models to use for crusade squads? Seems like the closest thing would be sword brethren models, but they're a bit too pricy for me ($45 for only 5 would add up pretty quick in a full-sized army!). So, I was just planning on giving my as-yet unmade tactical marines a chainsword and pistol each (should have enough bits for it), but I was wondering what other people have done. I'd like to do something a little more impressive if I can, just not sure what I would do.

For that matter, if people want to field a Grimaldus with all five cenobytes, what do they do? The pack only comes with 3, and buying a second Grimaldus just for the two servitors seems like a heck of a waste to me.

Battman 02-15-16 11:31 PM

If i remember correctly there used to be a upgrade box for black templars. Giving you a variety of shoulder pads and iconography to be used with the standard marine box and scout box both of which give you crusader squads. If this kit doesn't exist it ups the difficulty but with either third party pauldrons or sculpting/painting your own.

Hope this kind of helps, don't know any third parties sorry don't often look for balack templar stuff.

Well did a quick GOOGLE and found the kit it does still exist, for $33 American you can have shoulder pads and weapons and other nuggets of gold to adorn you models. Link:


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