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Tawa 01-01-16 04:05 PM

Army Painting Challenge 2015-2016. Month Seven, January.

Happy New Year, Heretics! Welcome to the Army Painting Challenges thread for January, month seven of the challenge and the first month in the APC's new home in the Project Logs section.

As stated in the December thread, I've decided to move us over here because the APC isn't really a "competition" as such. :)

Anyway. AVANTI!!!

Moriouce 01-01-16 04:09 PM

First out this year...
...Zzap guns with crew and ammo markers.

R_Squared 01-01-16 08:32 PM

I'm going BIG for the first painting 2016.
Finally going to painting my Stompa! Built it over Christmas, and I'm genuinely excited to put paint to plastic for this.
Hopefully I'll also get to do my Nordicus challenge too, one Gorkanaut on standby.



Haskanael 01-04-16 04:45 PM

one Imperial guard veteran squad.
and the Command squad to accompany my company commander.

Nordicus 01-05-16 07:42 AM

I will be painting 3 Rhinos this month; 1 for the mandatory and 2 for the Nordicus Challenge.

Then we will see if I get some spare time. If I do, I will most likely re-do my Sicaran as well :good:

Haskanael 01-13-16 01:23 PM

Lord of the Night 01-15-16 06:03 PM

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Forgot to post what i'm painting this month. The Stormcast are returning as I tackle the Lord-Relictor, the first of the three HQs in my Stormcast Host.


R_Squared 01-17-16 07:24 PM

Finished me Stompa, now for the Gorkanaut. Got an apocalypse game next weekend, and I need him finished by then too!


Roganzar 01-19-16 01:55 AM

I submit to you;
Recovered and rebuilt in the Grand Forges Temples of Sidera Maris, the Omnissiah permits the rebirth of on of its favorite sons; a Thanatar Siege-Automata, Izyx-Ramerius-41.

Nordicus 01-19-16 07:11 AM


Originally Posted by Roganzar (Post 2284290)
I submit to you;

Lovely job on that model man - You certainly make give it justice :good:

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