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Tawa 12-01-15 03:39 PM

Army Painting Challenge 2015-2016. Month Six, December.

The halfway point! Keep it coming guys!

Also, this is the last month that I will be posting these threads in the Competitions forum. From January onwards all threads relating to the APC shall be posted in the Project Logs section.
The only reason I've decided to do this is because the APC isn't a "competition" in the same sense as the Deathmatches, and is more of a communal PLog. :)

Turnip86 12-01-15 04:32 PM


Wings not pictured as they were outside being primed. Hopefully I'll be able to get this completed considering I have a 5 day trip to Poland followed immediately by 5 days working at Insomnia 56 and then this whole Christmas thing that people might have heard of....

Worst thing is I still haven't bothered getting the electronics in it sorted. It's not a huge job but it's one I can't do until certain parts are painted and requires some rather fiddly soldering which'll have to be done while holding the main parts of the body together. After that it's just a case of making sure the batteries actually stay where they're supposed to and then I can see if I'll be able to leave it slightly in pieces so I'll be able to change the batteries in the future if needed... otherwise they're just in there for good.

Moriouce 12-01-15 04:53 PM

Finaly my Burnas! Atleast five will be repainted and the rest will be finished. Good luck all!

Edit: Might have two more on the way ;)

Haskanael 12-01-15 05:00 PM

I will be painting these two buggers

Nordicus 12-01-15 05:33 PM

I will be painting the following:

20 x Close Combat Marines (Older models that are being re-painted in my word bearer theme)

Nordicus Challenge addition:
Both of the HQ models from the Betrayal at Calth set.


Iraqiel 12-04-15 02:58 PM

Disappointingly, I must play a RL Card this round, moving house, moving state, moving life. See you guys again in January!

Haskanael 12-11-15 05:42 PM

finished these two glorious bastards.
next up
(forgot to take a picture before putting the first layer on these guys xd)

Haskanael 12-15-15 05:11 AM

finished the techpriest. also put some new paint on my older techpriests and my servitors

R_Squared 12-17-15 10:05 PM

Finished my buggies. I'm going to try and get my last 5 MANZ done for my Nordicus challenge, but it might be tricky. I've still got to build 3 of them yet!



Roganzar 12-18-15 03:02 PM

Back to my Admech for this month.
Nearing completion of the full detachment.

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