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Malus Darkblade 11-22-15 05:19 AM

If Horus obtained the Throne
How do you think he would have kept the astronomican running? If I am not mistaken, prior to his roidrage, he originally planned to have the Emperor kept alive so was he planning on controlling the most powerful human ever to have lived?

How would he have kept the Wolves and the Custodes in check?

What would his plans be for Magnus? How would he have fixed/plugged the Webway?

Reaper45 11-22-15 03:53 PM

I dunno, shoot him in the face and then put him on the throne.

hailene 11-22-15 04:29 PM

Where did he say he wanted to keep the Emperor alive at the end? I don't recall that.

Also the Traitors post-Heresy don't even use the Astronomican. They either cruise through the dark tides or have their sorcerers listen to the whispers of daemons to get through the Immaterium.

I don't think it would have been an issue...unless Horus wanted to discard the Chaos gods. I figure he had Magnus as a backup plan...or after how things panned out, maybe Lorgar.

Angel of Blood 11-22-15 06:41 PM

Never recall him wanting to take the Emperor alive. I doubt he even considered the Astronomican or the Dark Gods told him they would sort that issue out.

Custodes and Wolves? I imagine he had every intention of killing every last one of them. He would never have assumed the Custodians or Russ would give up and serve him, he would know that every single one of them would die before turning on the Emperor. Same for most of the other loyalist Legions. I say most as he seemed to believe both Ferrus and the Khan would side with him.

gen.ahab 11-23-15 09:33 PM

Would he really need the astronomicon? Assuming the Gods had his back when it came to warp travel, I only see it being a target to be destroyed. Take it down and what loyalist forces that survive are isolated, easy targets.

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Gorthol 12-17-15 09:48 AM

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I would imagine Horus would have relied on the Chaos Gods and disregard the Astronomican, maybe utilise Magnus with regards to the Warp and generally wipe out those who would have opposed him; He would have had all the other traitor legions and their respective Primarchs with him and I would not expect the Wolves and Custodes would have been able to withstand this.

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