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Jonny B 11-20-15 10:29 PM

What to use next
I play CSM but right now I have the itch to use something different to help me win more games or just do better. I am not great tactically but i think that is because I change lists so often. When I did use a CSM list towards the end of 6th in a club tournament I did quite well. I would like to get set on a decent list using a new army. Just a few thousand points to stick to for a while. Perhaps good shooters. So..... What should I do?

- hold on for the new CSM codex next year. Maybe that will bring something good for me. I still have never used Mauler/Forgefiends. Forget anything else I am chaos after all. It's all I've ever known!

- choose a loyalist marine set up? I know nothing about these but I really like the space marine models and enjoy painting them. I like the look of ultra marines and the models in the new Calth set.

- Allie with Chaos Daemons. I have to admit I don't really like the models and from what I have read I would need to get better tactically.

- Tau and Eldar seem powerful but again not massively keen on the models.

Please share your thoughts. I know there is no definite answer. I am going to see my local GW shop man soon and ask him but he will no doubt point me towards to most profitable route.

Jonny B 11-22-15 04:05 PM

I am now thinking Space Marines codex and start with the Betrayal of Calth as a starter. Then a few Centurians and drop pods and go from there.

Xabre 11-22-15 04:59 PM

Insert Heresy Here:

Spiky Marines!

What does that mean? It means (and I do this a lot), if you like the idea of Chaos Space marines, but want to try some new 'bite', use Loyalists, and paint them up.

For instance, I'm a huge Thousand Sons fan, but, well, they suck. Therefore, using a mixture of Grey Knights, a vanilla Librarius Conclave, maybe some other formations.

If you liked assault Chaos, like Raptors/Warp Talons, check out the new Kauyon book, where some Raven guard formations add great things like assault marines and vanguard vets, etc.

You lose out on the 'pure' chaos, like Helldrakes and other Dino bots, but really, that's about it.

MidnightSun 11-22-15 04:59 PM

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I'd suggest you get good with CSM before you bandwagon jump to SM, Tau or Eldar and realise that you still lose with those armies, but this time you don't even enjoy the models of your defeated army.

DaisyDuke 11-22-15 07:11 PM

As xabre said try and run some marine lists using your chaos marine stuff to make them up.

Personally I like the uphill struggle that is chaos so have never bothered trying. But then among my group of friends I win more than I lose. But I haven't played against any cheese factory's bar necrons.
Just remember the game is meant to be a challenge for both participants.

R_Squared 11-22-15 10:01 PM

I'd imagine that CSM maybe due for an update, might be worth hanging onto them for a little longer.

Jonny B 11-22-15 11:16 PM

I won't be getting rid of any chaos, more just hanging on for a new codex and see what that brings. I guess i need to commit to one Chaos list and use that regardless for a while. Thought about the Daemonkin codex; had a nosey at that and it looks very strong for close combat. I am getting the itch to play a more shooty army though, which leads me to the one I like the look of most and that's Space Marines. I really like the look of Ultramarines.

Maybe I just need some lessons in using CSM!!

Squire 11-22-15 11:21 PM

Introduce Be'lakor or a chaos knight if you haven't already? Either could improve your army until the new codex arrives

I love the idea of Grey Knights and librarian conclave using Thousand Sons models. That could be a fun idea for the future if there isn't a tzeentch daemonkin book that significantly buffs the TS

Mossy Toes 11-23-15 12:53 AM

There are some other good "spiky marine" armies out there, like Space Wolves as Khorne Zerkers (Thunderwolves as Juggernaut cavalry, etc).

Jonny B 11-24-15 06:26 PM

I have used Be'lakor but only a couple of times. Well, I have the data slate and used my DP as him. He has worked but sometimes it's been a fluke. I need a solid army that can shoot and I like to paint. I really do like the Ultramarines. I bought the 3 pack of space marines yesterday and painted one just as an Ultramarine. Looks great and I can see myself enjoying playing with a marine army. The questions is, is there a 2000 point Ultramarines list out there that I could use that will provide me with the shootyness I crave, have a few simple tactics in place that I can stick to?

To my untrained brain I am thinking.... The Betrayal of Calth set, some Centurian devastatots and maybe a couple of drop pods, tanks or bikes/gun ship for fast attack. The doctrines look good to use.

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