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MidnightSun 11-16-15 11:47 PM

30k Night Lords/How do I get this tone of bronze?
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I absolutely love this pale, almost silver bronze; just what I've been experimenting towards on some test pieces for my Night Lords. The subdued blue is also brilliant; I always think models look far more realistic in drab, muted tones; they're just harder to do convincingly.

How do you think this bronze was done? How would you do a pale, silvery bronze? Kinda going for a mix between Runelord Brass and Leadbelcher, but just mixing those together isn't going to be enough alone.

ntaw 11-17-15 02:04 AM

Isn't FW super forthcoming with their paint schemes upon e-mail request? Otherwise I would try bronzes (maybe Sycorax Bronze?) washed with a Nuln/Agrax mix, drybrushed with the starting bronze then edged with Mithril (?) Silver and maybe finished with Skull White.

Regardless, it looks painted, washed brown and black, then drybrushed twice (first time with base colour second time a brighter highlight on just edges). I say drybrush but I never do it...I always layer highlights because I have more control over it that way.

Hope this helps somehow! Awesome look, totally agree on the subdued tones :drinks:

Loli 11-17-15 05:15 AM


Originally Posted by ntaw (Post 2252778)
Isn't FW super forthcoming with their paint schemes upon e-mail request?

This pretty much, if you ever have questions about schemes on their models, just mail them, they tend to take a few days to respond but they give you a complete and reasonably detailed rundown of nearly every aspect of the model. Hell I once asked how they did their Iron Hands scheme and they also sent my how to do Ferrus just because. FW are really approachable like that.

SonofVulkan 11-17-15 06:11 AM

I'd start with a Brass Scorpion base coat, then a heavy drybrush of Sycorax Bronze. Then give it another drybrush of 50/50 Sycorax Bronze/Runefang Steel to give it the almost steel/silver look. Don't worry if it looks a bit too silvery at this stage as the heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade will bring back the browny/bronze colour. Then a little Nuln Oil in the parts you need darker, like around rivets and skulls. Maybe another drybrush of Sycorax Bronze/Runefang Steel around where you want the details to pop.

Thats how i'd do it, hope that helps.

Squire 11-17-15 09:09 AM

I would go for a silver base coat and either layers of agrax earthshade or tin/brass glazes. A light drybrush with silver or some edge highlighting if the bronze glazes look a bit too heavy

GrimzagGorwazza 11-17-15 03:09 PM

Don't know what they used here, personally I'd get Vallejo metal medium and try some mixing with yellow browns, zamesi desert, tau light ochre etc etc. The shadows are almost certainly agrax as a final coat. Personally I'd go zemesi / metal medium 50/50 mix then slowly increase the amount of metal medium or even add white. to build up to silver edge. then give the whole thing a couple of coats of watered agrax to tie the blends together.

MidnightSun 11-17-15 05:22 PM

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Thanks for all the responses, guys! I think, on a little experimentation, it's a washed silver rather than starting from a bronze. No pictures yet, because my camera is at work, but I'll see what I can do.

Forge World do give out their paint schemes, but I don't like the Forge World way of doing Night Lords :wink: this example of Curze is just one that I found on the internet.

Nordicus 11-17-15 06:19 PM

Seems to me it's a Runelord Brass base with various washes. That should give you the silvery bronze tone you're looking for :)

falcoso 11-19-15 04:33 PM

Silver washed with agrax earthshdae should do the trick. Alternatively Relictor gold suitably washed looks like it would produce a similar effect as its a very pale gold.

I certainly wouldn't say you need to mix anything for this, generally any metal tone can be achieved through a silver or gold with the right wash (and plus its much easier to replicate).

Squire 11-19-15 05:40 PM

I'd love to see the results when you've tried this out, by the way. A finished piece would be good, but I'd be just as interested to see various experiments on spare parts if you're going to practice different techniques a few times first. I'm thinking of putting this silver/bronze treatment on parts of my chaos lord to differentiate him a bit from the rest of the army, but it's important the bronze aspect doesn't stand out too much over the silver (to fit with the general scheme I use)

I actually tried something along these lines a while ago for a different project and one of the things I tested was agrax earthshade straight onto silver. The wash didn't stand out too much so I imagine it would take several washes or something else to get the look on that Curze model. Maybe silver base with black glazes to darken the recesses, then a few washes of AE, but I think I'd try tin (vallejo tinny tin) glazes rather than AE. Initially, at least.

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