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Chaosveteran 11-09-15 08:42 PM

Deathwatch quick reads / artist should be shot
Whoever is doing the cover art for the Deathwatch quick reads series IMHO should be shot on the spot!! How bad and bland can it get!! If the writing inside is as bad as the covers (to some of the most amazing characters in 40k, the Deathwatch, I may add) then I pity BL for hiring such bad talent...

evanswolves 11-09-15 11:43 PM

They are indeed shockingly bad haha

csw 11-10-15 03:29 AM

I had no idea about this. Thanks for the heads-up, just popped over to their (not very functionally revamped) site.

Wow. I mean...


That was the best laugh I've had for awhile. I actually had to wipe my eyes dry after that. I can't decide which one's worse, the wannabe Nazi recruiting poster for Bad Blood or the White Scar about to french kiss his bird for First to Hunt.

ntaw 11-10-15 03:32 AM

Pics or it didn't happen.

DeathJester921 11-10-15 04:27 AM


Originally Posted by ntaw (Post 2248786)
Pics or it didn't happen.

You don't want to see them. I googled it earlier and saw cover art that fit the bill. Truly awful, IMO.

If you want to google it, just type in Deathwatch quick reads. The first 6 images.

ntaw 11-10-15 04:29 AM

*shrug* I'm already on a site, I see no reason to travel to others to get info otherwise why would I be here?

Brother Emund 11-10-15 08:33 AM

OMG, they are seriously bad. I will use the covers to frighten away children that get too close to my house! The Redblade character is a weird-looking devient!


Angel of Blood 11-10-15 12:39 PM

Hahahahahaha they're the best I've seen since the tiny headed space marine, forget which novel that was.

Hachiko 11-10-15 02:20 PM

Seriously, these are pretty bad. I've said that maybe if they zoomed out a little, and incorporated some carapace armor and pauldron insignias, it might have been better. These faces are pretty gonzo, and zooming in on them helps no one in particular.

One Bullet:


Hi folks, it's Astartes Bill Cosby!


Bad Blood:


"Mein Fuhrer, did you pass ze gas?"

The Flesh of the Angel:


Artist: Shit. This face is so bad even I'm painting a sheet over it.



Remember the good old days when all the Warhammer 40K pics showed supermen with mohawks and Duke Nukem buzzcuts? Feeling nostalgic?



Hey, remember those old low-budget cyborg movies that no one ever rented at the video store?
Yeah! Let's use those as inspiration!


First to Hunt:


Yees, Polly, my sweet chickadee. I don't know if I should kees you or roast you.

neferhet 11-10-15 02:49 PM

someone got high on meth when scrutinizing artits resume.

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