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Jace of Ultramar 10-19-15 11:35 AM

"Horror" movies
So, this past weekend I went to a get together at a friend's house. There were a few of us and we were discussing plans for the upcoming Halloween night. A couple have younger kids and planned on letting them have Halloween party at their place along with a sleepover to watch "scary" movies, which brought up the topic of "which movies to watch?"

The typical movies were tossed around of the Freddy, Jason, Chainsaw Massacres, and Halloween variety. When asked my opinion I had to admit having never seen any of those films, this actually garnered a lot of WTF looks from people who have known me for the better of 20+ years, not to mention a couple were thrown way off (apparently) due to knowing that H.P. Lovecraft is one of my favourite authors.. I enjoy a variety of movies and have never had the desire to watch any "Horror/Scary" movies. Those films weren't watched in the house I grew up in, my mom and dad were more into action/adventure, SciFi, and comedy films.

So, as things progressed and we continued talking, the person whose house we were at, decided to Netflix a movie for watching at the Halloween party and for me to see a "scary" movie. The movie picked out was "The Babadook" which I have to say, sounds like some gibberish profanity. So, after a couple hours of sitting through this, I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed by the idea that I've missed out on anything.

It was recommended that I should watch horror films all day this coming Halloween. Out of curiosity, were I to do this, what would anyone here on Heresy recommend? I'm probably not going to bother, but, I may end up doing it just to say I've seen "these films" get of my case.

Angel of Blood 10-19-15 12:53 PM

Honestly, I'm there with you. I've not seen a lot of the big horror movies like Friday 13th etc. But I have seen plenty of horror movies, and they just don't scare me. I don't even get the tension or creepy vibe. The best that happens is that I may jump at a jump scene or moment, but even then not often. Most of them are awful plots and stories as well.

I'd say go for one of the 'horror' films that are still enjoyable to watch even if you don't get scared, good action, crime or thrillers that aren't strictly horror films. Maybe something like...

Event Horizon, or Cube.

Moriouce 10-19-15 01:09 PM

I'm the third then. The horror genra is perhaps the most difficult in all of the Movie buisness. Most horror Movies sound good initially but soon falls to the Jump-scene to jump-scene. You don't get scared, you just react to something suddenly happening.

Movies that builds an atmosphere but where nothing never happnes is preferable. The only horror Movie I have ever liked is the Blair Witch Project. The village felt like a good Movie aswell untill they made the misstake of showing the "monster" and it all Went downhill from there.

The thing is that a horror Movie should focus on what fear and terror do to the human psyche. Not on the external threat that is present, which most Movies do unfortunately.

Tawa 10-19-15 02:20 PM

Nope, right there with you. I find "horror" and "scary" movies to be absolute and utter boring bollocks. There's precisely zero frightening about them, even when seen at ridiculous volume at the cinema.

I have only ever jumped and let out a scream once, and that was actually down to an ex-gf gripping my arm in terror and sinking her fecking nails right into it. There was some genuine blood involved that time I can tell you!

Jace of Ultramar 10-19-15 04:28 PM

To this day, I think the scariest movie I've ever seen is Alien. It's not even Horror, but, I saw it when I was 13 and it actually was frightening to me at that time.

Haskanael 10-19-15 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar (Post 2236194)
To this day, I think the scariest movie I've ever seen is Alien. It's not even Horror, but, I saw it when I was 13 and it actually was frightening to me at that time.

actualy it falls under the science fiction horror genre :P

anyhow, I agree with the lot of the people here. horror is well, dead. there is nothing scary. the people in my area go crazy over hack and slash movies like SAW and texas chainsaw massacre tho.. I still dont think they should be in the horror genre but whatever. hack and slash/blood and gore. is boring.

ntaw 10-19-15 05:49 PM

I like horror movies because I laugh at them. Honestly how scary could anything you know to be fake and made in Hollywood be? I mean, if you empathize with the characters and pretend like you're in their situation you might creep yourself out...but yeah. Not everyone likes everything. Regardless of the genre of film, I find if you watch something considered a 'classic' without being 'in' to the genre you're almost always predisposed to be disappointed. I'm blown away by the models, camera angles, and fireworks used in the space battles of Star Wars but the kids I teach? They think it's the lamest crap ever because "have you even seen graphics these days?". Same goes for a scene in Evil Dead 2 when a character is possessed by the Evil Dead and there's a closeup on an eye turning white which was done with a mask, glass eye, and milk injected into it. Brilliant. Compare that to anything that's come out in the last decade and it looks....well, lame and crappy :laugh:

Plots I find haven't changed much over the decades. So long as people are dying grotesquely and jumps are being made I don't think Hollywood much cares for story telling.

Or, just check out this list (some have been named already):

Event Horizon
The Evil Dead movies (incl. Army of Darkness, none of these should be taken seriously)
28 Days/Weeks Later (fast zombies worry me)
The Thing
The Hitcher

There's a few good ones in my books. First two are straight sci-fi thrillers.

Battman 10-19-15 09:01 PM

Well not much to really add just another couple of segestions:

●cabin in the woods (horror parody)
●any of the aliens (particularly the 5th really scary somethings going on there, may not been intentional)
●the cube or hypercube are always interesting if you like that body horror that SAW offers.
●wolf creek one and two (still can't get the laugh out of my head)
●"silence of the lambs" is heading towards a horror so might count or of course "hanibal rising" too. Speaking of the newer tv series is good too if your up for a long night.

Only other thought which isn't really a movie but that youtube series, of an anthology of short clips "marble hornets", haven't watched any but is ment to be good
Thats all.

ntaw 10-20-15 01:11 AM


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil for some parody fun.

Old Man78 10-20-15 03:33 AM

Stephen Kings "it" made in the 80s but still fucking creepy! ".... don't you want you're boat back Georgie?..."

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