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Mossy Toes 09-10-15 06:29 AM

Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition [spoiler free]
I'll be honest: to me, Dragon Age: Inquisition was merely a decent Bioware RPG of middling quality, by comparison to some of their other works. I'd heard The Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent DLCs were thin on content, so I skipped them, but now with the release of Trespasser... I thought eh, might as well get on board.

So, is it worth your time?

Well. This, uh, DLC. It absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. It gave half a dozen world-redefining lore revelations. It had major, major ramifications for the next game in the Dragon Age series. Excellently paced and plotted; truly menacing enemies and world-shaking events. It... well, it made me actually care about the setting of Thedas as somewhere I'm interested in seeing more of, rather than view it as "kinda bland fantasy setting with some good characters in."

I don't want to oversell it, but... damn. I think this might be the best chunk of DLC that Bioware's produced--and I say this as someone who (previously, at least) liked the Mass Effect universe several times more than the Dragon Age universe and was going into paroxysms of joy over the Citadel DLC.

The worst thing that can be said for this DLC is that it should have been in the original game as the game's final ending. Bioware almost certainly needed more time to develop this DLC, but now everyone can rightly complain that they're charging more than a quarter of the game's cost for a final expansion-zone/plot arc that takes a much smaller percentage of time to complete (for all that it's some of the highest-quality half dozen or so hours you're going to spend in the game).

The sheer amount of character payoff and tying up of loose ends while opening new threads for the next Dragon Age game... yeah, this should unequivocally be counted as the 'true ending" of the game, and I really feel sorry for the probable majority of players who are only going to play the main game and not get this quality-packed electric tension-bomb crammed through with massive revelations as a capstone to their experience.

TL;DR: Corypheus, who brings doom upon all the world? He looks petty and small in the light of this DLC. Though the core plot of Dragon Age: Inquisition never really drew me in in the first place... this DLC is making me redefine that estimation of it, and this plot/lore/character-gasm of a climax shames the rest of the game by comparison.

And the end credits! Andraste's merciful tits, the end credits!

Myen'Tal 09-13-15 05:30 AM

Wow, this review has rekindled some interest back into Inquisition for me. Which I completely lost after losing all of my data during the last battle against Corypheaus(Damn you, windows 10 :P). I haven't felt the need to complete it after the Witcher 3 came out. Yet I am intrigued by these moving events mentioned. Are there any interesting new features that come in the dlc?

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