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Tawa 07-31-15 09:40 PM

Army Painting Challenge 2015-2016. Month Two, August.

Month Two of the July '15 - June '16 Army Painting Challenge.

Get cracking then! :laugh:

Nordicus 07-31-15 11:05 PM

All right, lets do this! I will be painting Kytan, Daemon Engine of Khorne for my mandatory submission. If I make it on time, I might supply it with a named character I have yet to reveal.


Haskanael 08-01-15 01:57 AM

a 10 man devastator squad, with 2 Heavy bolters and 2 Grav cannons. and a combi bolter.

Moriouce 08-01-15 07:20 AM

Army Painting Challenge 2015-2016. Month Two, August.
Three-man squad of Windriders. I'll Edit in a pic during the day.

Edited! :)

Deus Mortis 08-01-15 08:26 AM

I was originally going to do a Sicaran for this month, but given that I'm only in the country for 8 days and can't spend every minute painting, I've gone for something more...manageable. So I will be painting a chaplain for my legion. Photo to follow

Edit: Here's my before photo


R_Squared 08-01-15 09:22 PM

1 Attachment(s)
More Green Tide, 30+ boyz in this unit, over half way there once this is done...

Drohar 08-03-15 02:18 PM

After doing a month of hords, something different:

Old One Eye

Lord of the Night 08-03-15 08:35 PM

151 Attachment(s)
It's no Sicarian (something I won't be doing because I can't afford one for a while), but to celebrate the release of Age of Sigmar, I will make TWO mandatory entries for this month;



A 5-man unit of Stormcast Liberators, and a single Sydonian Dragoon. I will consider both of these mandatory entries for this month, and if I fail either of them, I will fail the month (in my own eyes).

Let the painting begin!


Iraqiel 08-04-15 09:08 AM

For me, Avenger Strike Fighter will be my primary, and a possible secondary will be a Militarum Deathstrike - if I have all the right bits! I'm also going to start work on Elspeth von Draken, but I don't know that I'll be able to do her justice in just this one month...

The Gunslinger 08-04-15 03:31 PM

2 Attachment(s)
So for month two I am going to paint, you guessed it, another ten guardsmen.
Now that i have the paint scheme down etc I might be able to fit in something else in the month, we will see. I am also trying to convert some steel legion guys into using mortars, because, well why not?

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