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Vaz 07-20-15 07:42 PM

The Bastard Executioner

Trailer for the Bastard Executioner, of Sons of Anarchy and The Shield Kurt Sutter. Not much to really see, but if it's as good as his other shows (and you can get past the inevitably shit american accents) it could be decent.

Good timing as I'll probably have just about finished off Vikings by then.

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venomlust 07-20-15 08:12 PM

Swords and knights, I'm down.

Hopefully the characters will utter the phrase, "I love you, bro" less often than on SoA. Those bros really love each other.

Tawa 07-21-15 02:22 PM

Even less to look at, but here's another one.

ckcrawford 09-16-15 06:12 PM

It looks pretty cool, but I'm a bit skeptical about what the overall plot is and how it could sustain.

Lord of the Night 09-18-15 08:30 PM

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Watched it last night. Loved it. And as you can tell by my new avatar, I think Stephen Moyer was f*cking awesome in it.


Roninman 09-20-15 09:41 AM

Watched it few days ago didnt like it much at all. Interesting setting but just horrible script. Episodes are very bloody but that aint the reason to like it. Maybe it gets better after few episodes but i aint impressed at all. Still think Vikings beat this easily.

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