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cuzzbag 10-10-08 05:48 AM

1750pt Bloodaxe orc list, 1st attempt (for a tourney)
Hi folks,

This is my first real post here and im looking forward to gettinga bit of help and giving help where i can XD.

My list is for a Bloodaxe themed orc army, though the real Bloodaxeyness is in the "Taktiks" and the "Kamoflage" rather than kommando heaviness. I also work on the whole looted/pillaged aspects with most of my units beind heavily converted with imperial gear (thats the plan anyway).

HQ - 90
Warboss w/ Big Choppa, TL Shoota, Cybork Body, Bosspole, 'Eavy armour.

HQ - 100
Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field, 2 Oiler Grots, 'Eavy Armour.

Elites - 140
Nob w/ Power Klaw, Boss Pole
7 Kommandoes w/Big Shoota, Burna

Fast - 135
3 Deff Koptas w/ 3 TL Rokkit Launchas

Fast - 208
Nob w/ Power Klaw, Boss Pole
13 Stormboys

Troops - 112
2 Runtherders - 1 grot proder
29 Grots.

Troops - 130
20 Shoota boys - 2 Big Shootas

Troops - 175
Nob - Power Klaw
19 Slugga Boys - 2 Rokkit Launchas

Troops - 175
Nob - Power Klaw
19 Slugga Boys - 2 Rokkit Launchas

Troops (Heavy) - 100
Deff Dred - Skorcha, Extra DCCW, Grot Riggers.

Heavy - 140
3 Killa Kans - Skorcha, 2 Rokkits

Heavy - 117
3 Big guns - Zzap Guns, 3 Ammo Runts, 6 Additional Crew

Heavy - 125
Looted Wagon - Boomgun, 2 Big Shootas, 'Ard Case.

Total - 1748pts

General plan is to use the 4 big infantry squads to run to the enemy line and do all the serious dmg, the rest of the force is basically harassemnt and for knocking out enemy armour and other things the infantry blob cant deal with.

I would much appreciate all C+C,
Look forward to hearing your responses.

thegreenronin 10-10-08 12:25 PM

I'd use some lootas, at least one unit, they are surprisingly effective.

morfangdakka 10-10-08 04:24 PM

I think your list is good until I get to the stormboyz. In my opinion they are just over priced orks with jumppacks. With the new run rule regular orks on foot can almost cover the same ground that stormboyz can. I would drop them in favor of 3 more deffkoptas, a loota squad or another squad of regular boyz.

Grots they just ain't what they use to be. For their price I would rather take a small group of orks even as a sheilding unit. Armed with shootas they will atleast be a threat to the enemy.

All your troop mobs need Nobs in them with boss poles. So that when they start taking damage and get below fearless they can stick around.

The killa kans I like to have them all armed the same in a squad or atleast armed with big shootas or rokkits. Since kans are crewed by grots they have a higher BS than dreads so take advantage of the shooting. Scorchas aren't worth it.

Zzap guns to me are the least favorite of the choices. They cost the most in points. You have to roll to hit with them they don't auto hit anymore and then you have to roll for the strength. So even if you hit you may do nothing to what you hit. The battery also has the possiblity of killing one crew member so you have spend points on extra crew memebers. Zzap guns mostly only useful against armor terrible against troops. I like kannons for them being cheap and you can fire a high strength shell at armor or a blast marker at troops good for all around use and the same range as the zzapp gun.

Strip down the looted wagon to just the boom gun since if it moves over 6 inches you can only fire one weapon. This allows you to move the looted wagon at combat speed and fire the boom gun at armor or at troops. Big high strength blast template goodness.

Use the rest the points for other fun and destructive things.:good:

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