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kickboxerdog 07-02-15 04:48 PM

whats best way to start x-wing?
so I hear a lot about x-wing, never seen it but love star wars, so wondering whats the best set to buy to get into the game?

Logaan 07-02-15 05:04 PM


This is a top place to start.

There is a sub forum dedicated to all things X Wingy/Fantasy Flight related here - https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...play.php?f=322

Hope that helps dude!

ntaw 07-02-15 08:36 PM

Buying the starter set is crucial, otherwise you have no dice or maneuver templates. Plus you can't play Luke Skywalker in an X-Wing without the core set! I don't often use him now that my squadrons have grown, but I'd be remiss if I lacked my namesake in the game as a pilot.

Past that buy whatever you think looks cool. Upgrade cards you can print off if you'd like (I haven't met a person yet that has a problem with this) as you only get certain ones with certain ships and they aren't sold separately in booster packs (yet....FFG take note!). The great thing about this game is that even if you're playing 'weak' ships you still have a decent chance to win if you're better at planning and anticipating movements.

Either way, here's a handy list of almost every expansion pack and what comes in it for easy reference.

Tawa 07-03-15 05:06 PM

Yeah, after the core set I'd go for the rule of cool.

Sure, there are ships and pilots that are "better" than others, but I've seen cheap spam (Academy TIE's & Z-95's I'm looking at you here!) take out tooled up high-PS ships so it's all down to the player in question :)

One word of advice. Watch out for Baron Fel! :ireful2:

mrknify 07-05-15 12:41 AM

Agreed, get the core read about the different factions and play, its not too hard to have 100 pts in all factions. Just have fun.

They guys on afewmaneuvers forum have "a lot" of crazy stuff on all factions.

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