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Tawa 07-01-15 11:20 AM

Army Painting Challenge 2015-2016. Month One, July.

Here we go boys and girls, the first month of your July '15 - June '16 Army Painting Challenge.

Ready? GO!!!

Haskanael 07-01-15 11:27 AM

welp time to get started :)
my work for this month, a ten man assauls squad for the Ultramarines.

Moriouce 07-01-15 12:53 PM

Crap! I thought I would be first man out! ;)
I'll start this year with 6 Dire Avengers of the Last Dawn Shrine. Good luck to you all!

madfly-art 07-01-15 06:42 PM


R_Squared 07-01-15 06:48 PM

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I'm easing myself into this, as I have a Green Tide to paint. I've got 18 boyz painted so far, so only 82 to go!
This month, it's 20 Boyz to get started with.
You can see the rest I have to do sat in the background.

Nordicus 07-01-15 09:49 PM

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Primary (obligatory): 15 Spirit Hosts (will count as spawns, so it's a entry for my CSM army).

Secondary (Optional): Sicaran Battletank.

Hoping for both this month ^^

Lord of the Night 07-01-15 10:57 PM

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My first month's goal;

Clade Beta-Omicron-15 (Five-man Ranger squad with Transauric Arquebus)


Will start work on them tomorrow, and yes they are not 100% assembled; this is because doing so makes it near impossible to get at the back of their legs and the interior of their cloaks. Once their legs and interior cloaks are painted and sealed, then I will glue and work on the exterior.


Relise 07-02-15 10:43 PM

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To start this year I'm going for a unit of 3 Warbikerz

Just finished building them almost ready for painitng.

Attachment 959967770

Mossy Toes 07-03-15 12:00 AM

Well, most of my minis are in storage right now, so the only minis that aren't already half-painted or painted in my possession are this squad of 3 "bikers" (read: fantasy Hellstriders whose upper torsos have been replaced with CSM armor) with icon--I guess that makes them my entry for the month! Seeing as they were somewhat slapdashedly assembled, and I lacked proper backpacks, two of them have sort of "winged hussar" crests snipped from the Dark Vengeance Ravenwing bikers instead. Will probably replace those when I have more backpacks readily available. I'm pretty sure I have actual biker bases I could dig out and swap them onto, too, by now, rather than Fantasy cavalry bases that have had a 25mm slottabase snipped at the slot and stuck onto each end (as nearly perfectly as that approximates a 40k biker base...)


The Gunslinger 07-03-15 12:05 PM

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So my first unit will be a squad of steel legion guardsmen:
I have to paint strip them and do some minor conversion work so i may put up another photo once they are "really" paint ready.

Good luck everyone.

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