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ThatOtherGuy 06-27-15 01:26 AM

Check out my site!
Hey peeps,

it's been eons since I've posted anything in this place but I wanted to share you guys my new online portfolio that I made. Since my graduation from college I've been hunting around my area for 3D character artist jobs.

Any how please check it out and share it to anyone who is interested or like minded in this area!


Vaz 06-27-15 02:52 AM

I remember you stuff, it was pretty awesome. Have you considered getting some artwork in existing video games, ever do some modding stuff on that front to get your stuff in an engine and use it as a portfolio? Modding for Skyrim, or eventually Fallout to get your stuff noticed and used can be pretty decent; it can help if looking for work you can say I created X and have XYZ endorsements and ABC downloads and have been featured on GHJ youtube channel. Keep up your online presence dude, and best of luck, you've got some skill there TOG!

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ThatOtherGuy 06-27-15 04:17 PM

I've dabbled into modding and such before but I have found the work flows and the limitations of non-open source games to be very limiting for what I like to do.

I'm going back into working with Unreal 4 and Cryengine and going to start on a new project in which I hope to recruit a few volunteers. The plan is to remake Quake 1, keeping the old spirit of early FPS with level design and monsters that hold up to modern day standards. It's personally going to be a fun project while job hunting but planning it out might be a somewhat challenging task to begin with.

I'm no environmental modeler or designer but it's going to be a nice change from doing characters for a bit.

morfangdakka 06-27-15 06:00 PM

These are nice. I like the Sibiqui model a lot but I like Egyptian style stuff. I was thinking that would be a really cool cosplay character to make. Especially if you 3D printed the helmet and the armor add some LED's and that would be cool. Or if you printed out weapons or various parts for people to buy. Cosplay is something I am getting into and I am really liking it. Nice work I hope things work out good for you. Like Vaz said keep showing off your stuff online maybe even create a facebook, instagrame and tweeter page to show off your creations and draw more people to you.

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