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Deus Mortis 06-19-15 06:13 PM

Row-row-Roboute Gui-i-illiman
In case you're wondering, say the title to the tune of "Row, row, row your boat" and it makes more sense. :wink:

So, another release of something we saw from the Warhammer World re-opening. This time it's the Primarch of the Ultramarines.




Guilliman seems to be another victim of the scourge of the grumpy face, where Forge World models are either screaming or frowning. It's almost as if no one is having a good time in this civil war! The scenic base (I think) looks like he's standing at an cross-road rather than in any kind of battle-field and his playing base, well, you tell me. It looks like he's standing on a flying kitchen counter top.

Meanwhile, if you listen very carefully you can hear those who play legions from the first 3 books with units/special character/primarchs yet to be released shaking their fists in rage and crying quietly to themselves because they've not seen even a hint of Forge World working on anything that isn't in Book V, save Sigismund.

Orochi 06-19-15 07:11 PM

Good God, that is fucking awful.

Not enough rocks.

MidnightSun 06-19-15 07:33 PM

317 Attachment(s)
Dat gladius

Dem proportions


SoL Berzerker 06-19-15 07:36 PM

While I would rather see a Primarch who has already been released for a while, I do like this model quite a bit. The details are incredible, the base fits him more as a character and less of a wargame-mini, but still looks awesome.

Nordicus 06-19-15 08:06 PM

Yeah, that is probably the most anticipated and yet most disappointing Primarch I have seen to date. My god, just look at it - He looks like his torso and feet is made of Lego.

I agree about the face, but I think it's mostly the paintjob. He's been painted to look like one who hasn't slept for a week.

I don't know - I guess I just expected more *POW* for one of the most anticipated Primarchs in the collection. He's just boring.

Vaz 06-19-15 09:11 PM

Looms overly rushed.

Base is ridiculous and off putting for a table. 40mm base is hilarishit.

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Einherjar667 06-19-15 09:44 PM

I am really not a fan of pointed swords. You don't get a good feel for the shape and build of the model when the arm is stuck up in the air.

The ideal "regal space marine" look that I like is the power sword captain for the new sternguard box. He has a ship captain pose, with his left arm resting on the hilt of his sheathed sword.

Vaz 06-19-15 10:23 PM

I think he may have been going for this;


But fucked up. He's not even looking where his sword is pointing.

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DaisyDuke 06-20-15 09:44 AM

The head would be better if the mouth was open shouting to whoever that pose is trying to inspire. But the base?????

Orochi 06-20-15 02:39 PM

I'm still in shock. I will be amazed if they sell 30 of these. The plastic captains look better!

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