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Loli 08-30-15 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by Stephen_Newman (Post 2206354)
I still reckon something like Eisenhorn would be a great way to start 40K in movies. Most of it does not need explaining that much (sure the Inquisition factions would be hard but you could gloss over them and pass it off in film as some colleagues backstabbing him for a promotion thing (Like Osma did in Malleus)).

I mean how hard can it be to sell the idea of James Bond in space???

Plus you could even do the prologue chapters but as the trailers to the film instead of dragging out the plot too long.

This, the problem is, is that 40k is it's own world with lots of stuff engrained in its history. So doing a TV series/movie wouldnt work without a core story or something. Eisenhorn works as a stand alone Sci Fi series. Yes its in the 40k universe, but its not a huge part of it if that makes sense, it can stand by itself.

Do that as a proper decent budgeted sci fi series, you have an entry point to then do stuff from that assuming Eisenhorn is a sucess.

Mellow_ 09-06-15 12:50 PM

Dark TV shows aren't a problem. Walking dead has gore, the 300 movies have gore. Game of Thrones has main characters getting killed off frequently and Twitter explodes because of it every time.

A 40K movie would have to be animated but to Hollywood standards for the correct visual effects. A TV series might work but it would be big budget and at least allow plot points to be explained at the right time over 20+ episodes per season.

Plus it would be fairly difficult to have so many post humans walking about. They would need introducing one or two at a time. A few scenes showing their absolute power over the battlefield and combat before showing a company of them taking out a big target in a hugely satisfying and post apocalyptic way.

Doom wolf 09-10-15 05:44 PM

Mmmh, I think of an adaptation of Rogue Trader, in a Serenity style with the budget of Game of Throne....

KINKYWULFEN 10-23-15 03:40 PM

Like you wanna LARP it?

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