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Demon of Humanity 06-22-15 12:20 AM

A tv series whether live action or animated most definitely would help

Stormxlr 06-22-15 12:53 PM

Comic books would be a good avenue to start with. Their recent resurgence would easily bring people into the franchise. The format is good at explaining lore without forcing people to read tons of wiki article's or novels.

Kreuger 06-22-15 06:24 PM

Yeah, Star Wars is one of the only films where intro text didn't spell immediate doom.

Maybe Legend is a close second. It's usually a sign of a story to big for the budget, or filmmakers unable to write out film it.

The best way forward is a prologue like transformers our even better, The Fellowship of the Ring.

morfangdakka 06-22-15 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by Nordicus (Post 2161298)
I'm not sure to be honest - I don't think it would work as a movie, but as a TV series? I'm sure it would. It would require a big budget though, to capture the feeling and grandness of it all. I'm talking Game of Thrones big and they don't even show the big fights, due to constraints.

If done right you could tell much of the lore through the episodes there and then top it off with a movie in the end or the like. They would not be able to do the Horus Heresy due to the grandness of it, but I believe they could make some story archs and stand-alone filler episodes in the 41st millenium, leaving the Horus Heresy as a tale of old times.

Will it happen? Most likely not as it's too big of a gamle.
Could it be fun to watch the 41st millenium on the big screen? Hell yes.

I was thinking the same thing a Game of Thrones style tv series would work. This would allow the series to explore many different factions and touch on every race in the series. Each race is fighting for control and power while the shadow of Chaos or the Tyranids coming out and consuming galaxies is ever present. I think a cable channel would have to be willing to give it a good budget but if HBO was willing to take a chance on Game of Thrones with two executive produces that had never done a tv series before there might be another one that would be willing to try with 40k. The big question would be how much would GW want for use of its characters.

ckcrawford 06-28-15 06:45 AM

It has potential to do so with the Heresy. Otherwise it would go all over the place. The main with a show with so much plot and characters is to narrow it down to a few.

However, not sure if it really could. They really need to finish strong in the series if they want this science fiction series to standout in the genre of science fiction lore.

Squire 06-29-15 01:09 AM

I don't know much about making films and TV shows but I imagine making something set in the 40k universe would cost an absolute fortune. Is CGI good enough yet to have believable CGI space marines? Orks? Tyranids?

Anyway, I've often thought The First Heretic could be a decent film. Or the first three HH books trimmed down into a single film, but showing Loken survive (and probably Tarvitz too, I can't help thinking they'll bring him back at some point)

CotC 07-09-15 03:23 AM

GW really doesn't like any of their named characters being used in anything they don't do themselves; it's why, say, Vect had such a small role in his one video game appearance, and why you'll never get Eldrad or anyone like him appearing anywhere. That kinda makes it hard for some people.

GW does, however, let people renting their license come up with new characters, which really did work for DoW and will probably do loads of good for DNA depending upon how they run their story. Boom Studios might be able to get something going, too.

Emperor knows there's enough lore to draw upon and tell original stories or do something cool with.

Primarch Tolu 08-28-15 04:14 PM

It would need to grow up first and also abandon the stale nature of how it does things now. By grow up I mean outgrow it's table top beginnings and not be beholden to them.

Also, I'm not sure if something so ridiculously dark could or even should be made into a TV show. Even something like game of thrones has elements of light and even though it is very bloody you can see a way forwards for the protagonists on the show. Warhammer 40K is just so ridiculously dark that I'm pretty it wouldn't be anything other than absurd if made into Live action form.

A manga esque production of the Horus Heresy could work really well, just not the main 40K story unless they decide to move it on and maybe give the humans a fighting chance.

Just my two cents

Moriouce 08-28-15 08:52 PM

I think Tarantino would make a blast of a movie of the 40k universe. Think from the ork point of view. 😊

Stephen_Newman 08-30-15 12:05 AM

I still reckon something like Eisenhorn would be a great way to start 40K in movies. Most of it does not need explaining that much (sure the Inquisition factions would be hard but you could gloss over them and pass it off in film as some colleagues backstabbing him for a promotion thing (Like Osma did in Malleus)).

I mean how hard can it be to sell the idea of James Bond in space???

Plus you could even do the prologue chapters but as the trailers to the film instead of dragging out the plot too long.

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