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Woodzee316 06-15-15 10:49 PM

what do you do while painting mini's
g'day all just curios as to what other painters do while painting your mini's.

do people like
A) silence
B) lock yourself away from (kids, wives/husbands, or girlfriends/boyfriends)
C) listen to music and if so what kind
D) get the family members to help out (or try to)
or any other things you might do

I tend to listen to music while painting mostly metal (from the 80's of course some later stuff as well), if I'm painting a particular army and there is an audiobook for that army I tend to listen to that sometimes.
I have a small room in the house where I go to paint.
The kids generally come in and hassle me so I have a couple of mini's there that they paint and play with (then I strip them ready for the next time they come in).

These are just a few things that I do interested to know what others do.

R_Squared 06-15-15 11:22 PM

I have a comfy chair in my living room and a tray with my minis on to paint, and I will sit and watch TV with my family whilst painting. But if I have a day off, and if I have time to myself, I will paint and stick a battle report, or codex review from YouTube on the telly and will listen to it whilst I paint.
Those times are rare though, and I treasure them.

Kreuger 06-16-15 12:14 AM

These days I hardly have time to paint, but I've been at it since the early 90's.

In those halcyon days I would put on music. I would often try to put something appropriate. For example painting chaos warriors from fantasy battle, I'd listen to the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian (one of the best ever.) painting modem special forces I'd listen to The Rock soundtrack.

Much as I like metal, I find it's not usually good for painting. Unless maybe I'm listening to Therion's "Secret of the Runes."

ntaw 06-16-15 01:22 AM

The Horus Heresy (or really any 30/40k oriented) audio books were a blast to listen to while painting. Not the audio dramas, mind you...just some dude reading the words is all I need. Put me right in the mood.

Granted, the last time I painted a model was ~10 months ago. I'm getting close to getting back at it...I think....

tu_shan82 06-16-15 02:31 AM

dont do a lot of painting, but plan on ramping up my efforts. When I do paint a modeling I like to do it in store as theres other customers and staff also to get pointers from while I also converse with them about life, music, films/tv shows, books

tu_shan82 06-16-15 02:34 AM

and ofcourse our hobby. Sorry for the double post, on phone

tu_shan82 06-16-15 04:19 AM

p.s. Where r u from woodzie, proud sandgroper here, if youre from perth we may have met or know some of the same people or something.

FimirFever 06-16-15 04:23 AM

I've got a dining room table I made into a crafting mess on the far side of my living room...gf gets one side I get the other. When the gf is not home I turn on music( usually Pandora radio I vary what I listen to..anything from Stravinsky to zappa to metal to indie rock...and even 80s pop sometimes) and um...well I live in Colorado so my mmj and paraphernalia are always within arms length....and usually a tasty treat and something to quench the thirst and I'll lose myself for hours. But when the gf is home she likes to have tv on or some movie...usually her pick.....

Haskanael 06-16-15 04:37 AM

I often put up a movie like starship troopers or one of the Alien movies, predator. Prometheus. stuff like that. sometimes I listen to 40K audiobooks.

Woodzee316 06-16-15 07:57 AM

@tu_shan82 yes I'm also a proud sandgroper born and bred. I'v played at the freo games workshop a bit when I can. I live south of perth.

@FimirFever I sometimes commandeer one half of the dining table as well but need to set up before wifey gets home. easy to ask for forgiveness than permission :biggrin:

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