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Tawa 06-10-15 03:31 PM

Heresy Online Army Painting Challenge. July 2015 - June 2016.
Greetings Heretics!

A new Army Painting Challenge will be starting on the 1st July now that the previous challenge has finished. The Army Painting Challenge is designed to help people get motivated to paint a good portion of their armies over a period of twelve months. You have to paint a complete unit a month, every month. If you complete the challenge, besides having a nice (new?) shiny painted army, you will also receive a Heresy Award , the Baton of the Grand Marshall.

Isn't that pretty? :laugh:

The challenge will be starting at the beginning of July, as listed above so get those models ready. Please post any questions and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

The Challenge Rules

At the beginning of each month I am going to open a new thread for the challenge. Post a picture of the unit before it has been painted. A picture of the completely painted unit needs to be posted before the end of the month. At the end of the month each thread will be closed.
I may allow small extensions to a thread from time to time as sometimes I'm away.

Every quarter, I shall post a thread with a list of the number of entries each person in the challenge has completed to date.

There is nothing stopping you from creating your own WIP thread if you want to, but to meet the challenge you need to post a completed unit in the appropriate challenge thread. And just like gaming there is no point cheating on this, you are only cheating yourself.

The definition of a unit for this is a squad, a character, monstrous creature, a vehicle or squadron of vehicles. This can be from different game systems and is not limited to the GW ranges. The army does not have to be ‘new’, so an army that has been started is fine, just remember the point is to paint a minimum 10 units.

You will be allowed to enter units from up to two different armies - even 2 different game systems if you want. You may also enter terrain pieces that count as fortifications. So for instance you may start with three months of doing Space Marines, but decide you need to get some of your Skaven painted and spend another couple of months painting those, then switch back to Space Marines for a month and paint a Fortress of Redemption.
Generic scenery is not a valid entry however.

There is no limit to the amount of times you switch between the two armies, but once selected, entries from these two armies will be the only ones eligible. Also there is no need to choose another army if you think you can do the whole challenge with a single army.

Regarding Allies (ie 40k), I will allow the minimum of 1 HQ and 1 Troops. By this I mean that if you are painting Imperial Guard, you could paint a SM Captain and Tactical Squad and count it towards your Primary Army. If you were to then paint a second Tactical Squad I would then count the SM's as your Secondary Army.

The challenge is to enter units so that you can have a nicely painted army at the end. I do not expect the entire army to be FOC legal. There is no real hard and fast rules about what will be acceptable over the course of the challenge but you should stick to the spirit of the challenge. Do not, for example, enter ten single minature HQ choices over ten months and expect it to constitute an army. I do keep an eye on what people are entering and will let you know if you are no keeping to the spirit of the challenge.
Also, there are a multitude of different systems out there and sometimes a "unit" might only be a single model but please don't take the piss and enter multiple units of such a type.

Everybody entering the challenge will be allowed to have two 'Too much real life to paint!' tickets that they can use. This means you can have two months in the year where we will not expect any pictures of painted mini's. There is no need to advise me of these as a missing month will be marked as a Too much life ticket automatically when I do the book keeping.

There may also be a single Double Month were you can enter two units. When - if - that occurs however, will be a surprise. :P


Nordicus 06-10-15 04:06 PM

Nordicus signing up, as always. Let's get this 3rd year in the bag folks!

I will be entering the continuation of my Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons.

Let's have a record this year peeps - Sign up!

Haskanael 06-10-15 04:36 PM

ah what the hell, I might as well join in this time.
a good chance to beef up the start I made with my Ultramarines and Blood Angels.

Vorag of Strigos 06-10-15 05:20 PM

I wish to enter since this is perfect for making sure I continue my hobby. I will have my Dark Angels and a Sisters of Battle allied unit, solely because I like the look of St. Celestine and wish to paint her.

Khorne's Fist 06-10-15 05:59 PM

I'll see if I can muster my painting mojo again and try and get my BA Germans done over the course of the year.

Relise 06-10-15 07:02 PM

Excellent, I'm up for this again.

I'll start off with my Orks I think :-)

Moriouce 06-10-15 09:20 PM

Moriouce signing up! My Eldar will be expanded the coming year and I hope to finish painting my Waagh! Aswell!
Good luck everybody!

R_Squared 06-10-15 09:37 PM

I'm in, my Orks need finishing, and I can't stop adding to the army!
I may also be painting up my Legion of Everblight too, I'd like to get that started and seeing as I am in the middle of painting a green tide, you may thank me for breaking up the endless horde of slugga boyz. :grin:

Drohar 06-10-15 09:49 PM

I am up for this year and going to complete it (unlike last year).
I have my kitchen table robbed to serve as my new painting table to my living room, did it two days ago for this competition. :)

Also I will pledge to paint 30 termagants or hormagaunts per month until I am completely finished with them. I think I have around 150 in total???? maybe slightly less or more.

Then hoping to start and finish my Militarum Tempestus army, but might not have time to finish it but surely will start it.

Nordicus 06-10-15 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by Haskanael (Post 2153898)
ah what the hell, I might as well join in this time.


Originally Posted by Vorag of Strigos (Post 2153914)
I wish to enter


Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist (Post 2153930)
I'll see if I can muster my painting mojo again and try and get my BA Germans done over the course of the year


Originally Posted by Relise (Post 2153946)
Excellent, I'm up for this again.


Originally Posted by Moriouce (Post 2154010)
Moriouce signing up!


Originally Posted by R_Squared (Post 2154018)
I'm in, my Orks need finishing,


Originally Posted by Drohar (Post 2154034)
I am up for this year and going to complete it (unlike last year).

So the question is; Who is up (along with me) on doing a perfect score? That means 14 entries in total over the course of 11 months; 11 completed months and completing all 3 double-months.

Do I see anyone raising their hand for the extreme version of the challenge?

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