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SauronsLackey 12-31-06 06:03 PM

More Tyranids...
Heres a link to some pics of my Nids and theres pics of some other stuff in there of mine. Let me know what you all think...



FrozenOrb 12-31-06 06:54 PM

They look good. Bright and clean. Perhaps the red could use some depth with a few washes to add definition. I don't think the bases go particularly well with the colour scheme but if you like them, then that's fine.

The size of that winged Tyrant! Very nice. That's sure to intimidate many an opponent.

Oh and the Goblin Squig Hopper is superb.

PathogEN 01-01-07 07:06 AM

wow those are all really amzing, very clean and awesome!

that is a massive army you have there aswell!

Tahaal 01-01-07 07:19 AM

Has the wings ever gotten in the way? Like, you knock over 5 genestealers, 3 warriors and a carnifex whenever you move it? :P

I'm loving the nids paintscheme. The bone parts are really great.

And the fantasy chaos warriors rock. I drool

blkdymnd 01-01-07 07:36 AM

I like your stuff alot... some better lighting for the bugs would show them off that much more, but I definatley liked what i saw, nice work.

jigplums 01-01-07 10:09 AM

they look good, same colour scheme as mine as well. Bone is difficult to get right on large areas so well done for that

hellric 01-01-07 01:17 PM

Welcome to the hive bug brother :)

Very nice army, classical and well done paint scheme ! (actually I have the same scheme for some of my own tyranids).

Your paintjob looks bright and clean, keep up the good work !

Anphicar 01-01-07 05:57 PM

Bold, uniform, and brilliant!


SauronsLackey 01-02-07 05:18 AM

Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah, the photo quality could have been better. Those were quick shots. As you can see with the Chaos Warriors, I can make them look 'hella' good when I put the time in.


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