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Brother Lucian 06-03-15 05:57 PM

Asurmen incomming this friday

On sale this friday from 1pm.

30? Now thats far cheaper than the last couple first editions. Must be a fairly tiny read to not cost more.

I stand corrected. Noticed the amazon preorder page for the standard hardback version.
Which cites 384 pages! Now thats a lot more encouraging!

Sevatar 06-03-15 09:46 PM

That seems encouraging (from a business point of view). Now the novel needs to be good of course.

Edit: Nevermind, it's 224 pages.

ckcrawford 06-03-15 11:14 PM

Seems pretty cool. The Eldar being one of the oldest races along with the neurons always promote great lore possibilities.

Vitarus 06-04-15 10:41 AM

Lucian's link contains The Unforgiven: http://www.amazon.com/The-Unforgiven-Legacy-Caliban-Thorpe/dp/184970855X/ref=pd_sim_sbs_14_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=136K7DG7F3XFA6XJADW5I wasn't aware this had been announced, but I don't usually see this stuff as soon as most of you. I don't see it listed at BL.

evanswolves 06-04-15 11:02 AM

Brother Lucian 06-04-15 11:36 AM

Hrm, had forgotten that thread. Just sent off a mail to Black Library to make certain on it. Ill post when I have a definite answer from them.

Edit: Blah, the 224 pages is true, had a confirmation from Black Library.

Stephen74 06-04-15 05:37 PM

LOL people want to pay money for a gav Thorpe book.
In the words of C3PO: We're Doomed.

evanswolves 06-05-15 11:31 AM

Its up for order now 30 mins early

Brother Lucian 06-05-15 11:48 AM

Will pass on this one, not in a rush for such a small book. It will be ebooked soon enough.

Lord of the Night 06-05-15 07:06 PM

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Pass. These new First Editions aren't worth the cost. I'll get the regular version.


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