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Khorne's Fist 06-02-15 09:42 PM

The Age of Sigmar is Nigh.

Asamodai 06-02-15 09:58 PM

Colour me excited.

Einherjar667 06-02-15 10:15 PM

Also colored excited.

All happy.

Vaz 06-02-15 11:10 PM

Einherjar667 06-02-15 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by Vaz (Post 2147346)
Gonna be shit.


Vaz 06-02-15 11:33 PM

The End Times was handled so fucking poorly. The last few releases for 40K have been very poor in all but power creep. The style and design of Warhammer has steadily lost the aesthetics and quality I enjoyed about it when I first joined. As the standard of art increased, the quality of the game and the ideas for the new units have steadily gotten ever more shite.

Demigryph Knights, Laser beam Magic guns... Eh. While I can get the basis behind it, let's just say I'd have preferred more Steam Tanks and Bear Riders from Kislev.

But me? I'm old school and only spent probably the best part of a 1/5th of my wage from the last 15 years on GW shite, so what the fuck do GW care about me, so long as they keep getting newbies to spend 300 at once, never pick up the game again after 6 months, and then sell all the shit on ebay taking even more money out of GW's hands?

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Einherjar667 06-02-15 11:34 PM

I don't believe Age of Sigmar is 9th edition though, rumours point to it being something else, then 9th ed coming a bit later. One rumour said it was going to be a stand alone game like Space Hulk, another said it's the skirmish version released as it's own rulebook.

Valid points though. I liked TET and the newer stuff, however I am a newer player (joining up in the past decade). Though I'm now GW's ideal customer either, so I know what you mean.

Though: Old school Dwarf slayers, and metal WoC mounted Lords >>>>>> anything that's been released thus far, IMHO.

Stephen_Newman 06-03-15 01:23 PM

"Can what is dead ever truly die?"

Sounds like to me Greyjoys are confirmed to the WFB Universe!!!!

Einherjar667 06-03-15 02:22 PM

Whats a greyjoy?!

venomlust 06-03-15 03:17 PM

We do not sow.

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