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pelaelt 10-05-08 03:57 AM

chaos daemon army list need lots of help
ok well ive just started collecting chaos daemons and this is what ive got so far just wondering what i should get nxt
skulltaker and bloodthirstier
2 squads of bloodletters both wiv chaos icons and instuments
1 squad of plaguebearers wiv chaos icon and instrument
im not sure if these nxt 1s are in the rite catergries cus i dont have the codex here while im writin
beast of nurgle
3 screamers
soul grinder

Loki_tbc 10-05-08 04:30 AM

You have got to invest in a daemon prince (nurgle is great fun!)

I would also recommend some shooty for first turn (maybe some flamers...)

pelaelt 10-05-08 05:46 AM

thnx im looking 2 expand 2 about 2000pts what else would you sugest im only new i used 2 play elder so yer dont no much in the way of chaos daemons

cooldudeskillz 10-05-08 10:23 AM

get rid of the beast of nurgle, unless you really want it for fluff reasons, bloodcrushers would be awesome, ther amazing for their points, and horrors with the changleing, that would be good, why not look here for some advice https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ad.php?t=15374 this list is mine and designed to take on any foe and lots pf people seem to like it, at least i think so :)

pelaelt 10-08-08 03:27 AM

hey yer ill take a look thnx heaps

thegreenronin 10-08-08 03:44 AM

I'd say get some horrors, flamers, and another soulgrinder. Chaos without tzeench comes out hurting on shooting.

pelaelt 10-09-08 06:35 AM

i just wen out and bought 5 flamers and 5 horrors and a changeling i also bough a squad of daemonettes do you think that will help?

newsun 10-09-08 09:05 AM

Probably more horrors and another 1-2 Heavy support, soul grinder and/or Daemon Prince

Oh and if your new, just start getting games in at the points level you can field so you can understand how the army works better and how you like to play it, then you may see some insight in what to invest in. Daemons can be a bunch of very different armies with all the specialization. One could go heavy assault, or shooty or even they sludgy nurgle tally army. Can run speedy, slow a mix, there are lots of options. Can even run a Zilla type army will lots of monstrous nasties. You have the codex, right?

Will you be running against a bunch of different armies, or mostly the same? I would probably build my army differently based on that alone.

pelaelt 10-10-08 09:15 AM

yer thnx im kinda new 2 daemons ive played a couple of games with them but i used to play elder and before that SM

and the three diferent armies i normaly face are nids orks and daemon hunters - Please don't double post. If you'd like to add something to a previous post, just use the edit button in the bottom right hand corner. Also, please tidy up your typing a bit. Use full words ('to' instead of '2') as not all of our members are native English speakers and need things to be as clear as possible. Thanks! - Katie D

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