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Dave T Hobbit 05-01-15 02:56 PM

May Painting Deathmatch - Free for All


  1. The category is decided upon and posted in the Painting Deathmatch Calendar. This month's category is:
    • Free for All - Any model or any sized unit from any company.
  2. Only models that are painted wholly within the month are eligible to enter (i.e. unpainted or only primed at the start of the month). Entrants are not required to post a photograph of the model before painting. If you have a question as to whether or not your model qualifies, please feel free to post in this thread.
  3. You may join the painting deathmatch in progress at any time, but must submit photographs of the completed miniature by midnight GMT, 31 May 2015. WIP images are welcomed and encouraged.
  4. Miniatures that are completed in time will be eligible to win the deathmatch. The deathmatch winner will be decided in a separate voting thread by the Heresy Online community. Votes should be cast not simply on painting skill, but on merit, including creativity, application of painting techniques, individual artist improvement, etc. The winner of the deathmatch will be awarded with the Mark of Slaanesh award.
  5. Winners from the previous month are able to participate in the next months painting deathmatch, but they are not eligible to win in consecutive months.

This is not the year long Army Painting Challenge, but a separate Monthly event. Though entries in one can also be entered into the other (assuming it fits into the category chosen for this deathmatch).

Good luck to all participants!

PS - If you have any feedback on the running or structure of the monthly deathmatches throughout the course of the next month, please comment in the Calendar thread as we will take into account any feedback.

mrknify 05-06-15 10:11 AM

Hey all!. From the Legion of Everblight, I present my Legion of Sandraggar.

I'm thinking this is the finale! I have to get almost a months worth or work into three days, so I may be busy.

And with flash.
(Edit) cleaned up post to show just completed.

Chaosftw 05-06-15 04:12 PM

Hmmm what to paint this month... Consider this a place holder for my unit!

R_Squared 05-06-15 07:01 PM

@mrknify , I play Legion also, haven't painted my army up just yet. Too many Orks to go! I like the alternate colour scheme, nicely done.

mrknify 05-06-15 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by R_Squared (Post 2125970)
@mrknify , I play Legion also, haven't painted my army up just yet. Too many Orks to go! I like the alternate colour scheme, nicely done.

Orks are cool. I like grots the most!. Working on buggies for gorkamorka racing.

Nordicus 05-06-15 11:02 PM

Undecided if I will be participating this month - It depends if I am satisfied enough with my little 'thirsters.

Time till tell!

Roganzar 05-09-15 06:13 PM

Time to do that Onager Dunecrawler, that's been sitting there staring at me, in pieces.

LokiDeathclaw 05-11-15 01:11 PM

Roganzar 05-12-15 09:56 PM

Here is my completed and magnetized Onager Dunecrawler.
Even played around with photoshop to show all the configurations I magnetized it for.
https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5442/1...fda77878_h.jpgOnager Duncrawler Configurations by Roganzar, on Flickr

Nordicus 05-13-15 12:32 PM

I will put in my Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury - UPDATE: Image is updated so it's not horrible overexposed.


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