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VictorLazarus 04-19-15 02:27 PM

Red Paint Job
Hi there,

Apologies as this is my 2nd time asking for a comparable paint. (I was eventually able to mix the bright green I needed with Moot Green and some bright yellow)

I'm re-visiting my Blood Angels and I'm having a doodle with the red paint I used to use. Merchite Red. I've tried using the Mephiston red (too bright) and Khorne Red (too pink) also Vallejo Heavy Red and Army Painter Dragon Red. But I found both of them too watery and too bright. Any ideas of a thick and dull red I can use? Would be much appreciated.



fatmantis 04-19-15 02:39 PM

you could try mixing mephiston red..with a bit of..doom bell brown(might be the wrong one) but its a redish brown..that might give you a nice base to start with and the then hight light with the Mred

ntaw 04-19-15 04:13 PM

I love me some BA paint jobs. Is this red close to what you're looking for?


Profile pic due to the better showing of red there, the front of the model has more stuff going on and the lighting was subtly better in this one for the highlights.

VictorLazarus 04-20-15 07:57 PM

That colour does indeed appear very similar. I should also note I miss-spelled the paint I'm trying to emulate. It's Mechrite Red.



ntaw 04-21-15 01:18 AM

My process for that colour:

base black, with an optional coat of Khorne Red
Mephiston Red
Nuln Oil
1st highlight Mephiston Red
2nd highlight Wazdakka Red
3rd highlight (sparingly and only on the uppermost edges) Wild Rider Red
Bloodletter Glaze

You can really control how bright it gets with Mephy Red using an all-over coat of Nuln Oil (always getting it more in the recesses, of course) before blending Mephy back on in the first highlight. It looks really bright before you hit it with the glaze but once that's on there...delicious. None of my models are considered 'done' until there's some glaze-like paint applied to help blend my highlighting together.

Hope this helps, while I know you said Mephiston Red was too bright in your original post it seems I wasn't far off your mark in using it with this method.

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