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revan4559 04-03-15 07:47 PM

Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters

Welcome all to Death Watch: Xenos Hunters, in this roleplay you will be playing marines from varying chapters who have all been seconded to the Death Watch 'Chapter' the Imperium's elite of Xenos fighting marines, The Order Militant of the Ordos Xenos of the Inquisitotion, in the hopes that you will bring both glory to your chapter in the eyes of your Death Watch Brothers and should you survive your time in the watch experience in fighting the same foes with your chapter allowing your chapter to stand a much better chance of victory.

To begin with you shall all be starting at one of the six Watch-Fortress's during your training in the Death Watching before you take your 'Second Oath', the oath where you may once more don your armour and the 'Black' where your full training begins. Being from different chapters it means that chapter rivalries will be part of the roleplay for example the best known would be between the Space Wolves and Dark Angels, though it is the rivalries and differences of each chapter that makes Death-Watch Kill-Teams some of the best fighting forces of the Imperium.

All the standard rules apply, including the following:
1) No God Modding
2) Respect your fellow role-players.
3) I would like a minimum of 1 paragraph (10 sentences) for each post.
4) Roleplay battles will last a minimum of 2 updates when you fight one vs one or large enemies (such as dreadnoughts)
5) Follow the Character sheet.
6) Post atleast once per update.
7) Have Fun and warn me if you can’t post.
8) Stay IC.

I am looking for a minimum of 5 players to join.

Accepted Characters: Chaplain, Heavy Weapons Marine and Apocathery are limited to 1 each. Message me first to take one of these positions.

1) Nicodeme Rien - Marines Errant - Battle Brother - Darkreever
2) Nathanael Shethar - Dark Angels - Chaplain - Nol
3) Serafeim Pyrrhos - Salamanders - Heavy Weapons Specialist - Boxagonapus
4) Veyros Uk'Reltor - Carcharadons - Battle Brother / Champion - Krymson86
5) Daxos Argentus - Ultrmarines - Tyranid War Veteran - Kaiden
6) Herraud Oddar Oddarsson - Space Wolves - Long Fang - Dark Angel
7) Helios - Iron Snake - Apocathery - Angel of Blood
8) Jae Caligarus -Blood Angel - Veteran - Nacho Libre

Character Sheet:

Name: What is your name?

Age: How old are you? This roleplay takes place in M41.849

Chapter of Origin: All Chapters are open. Please provide a link to their background so no custom chapters or Grey Knights.

Type of Marine: Battle Brother, Sergeant, Champion (Company), Chaplain, Apocathery. You may also be chapter specific marines for example: Dark Angel Black Knight, Space Wolf Lone Wolf, Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard.

Personality: What is your marine like? Are they arrogant? Are they loyal? Personalities are often influenced by your chapter of Origin. For example Dark Angels and their successors are secretive with an air of superiority about them, Space Wolves would be loud and boisterous, Black Templars would be honourable and serious. Looking for atleast two decent paragraphs.

Physical Appearance: What do you look like? Long hair, short hair, bald? Tall and bulky? Short and athletic? Are you pale, are you tanned? Remember that certain gene-seed affects your appearance: Raven Guard have black eyes and pale skin (along with their successors), Space Wolves have fangs, Blood Angels and their successors have fangs aswell, Salamanders have crimson eyes and pure black skin. Looking for atleast two decent paragraphs again.

Background: Where did you grow up? What did you do when you joined your chapter of Origin? What was your life like within your origin chapter, what deeds did you commit? Why have you been chosen to join the Watch? Looking for atleast three decent paragraphs like the above.

Armour Appearance: Other than having it repainted to the colours of the Death Watch and the required upgrades, what does your armour look like? What mark of armour is it or is it a composite suit (similar to Artificer armour.) Looking for atleast a paragraph or two for description.

Weapons and Equipment: You may choose any of the following options as replacements for the following but you will also all have Combat Knife, Bolter, Bolt Pistol.

- Plasma Pistol
- Hand Flamer
- Melta / Infernus Pistol
- Combat Shield
- Extra Close Combat Weapon

- Flamer
- Plasma Gun
- Combi-Bolter
- Storm Bolter
- Melta-Gun
- Stalker Pattern Bolter

Combat Knife:
- Close Combat Weapon (Chainsword / Gladius)
- Power Sword
- Thunderhammer
- Power Fist
- Pair of Lightning Claws

Equipment: You may have three of the following should you wish to.
- Frag and Krak Grenades
- Melta-Bombs
- Bionics
- Weapon Scope
- Specialist Ammunition

Chaplain and Apocathery Only Equipment:
- Crozius (Replaces Combat Knife)
- Narthecarium (Apocathery Only)

Heavy Weapons Marine Only: Automatically Changes bolter for one of the following:
- Heavy Bolter
- Multi-Melta
- Las-Cannon
- Plasma Cannon
- Heavy Flamer

Nol 04-03-15 07:48 PM

Expect chaplain very, very shortly.

Nacho libre 04-03-15 08:16 PM

Apothecary here reporting for duty. I'll write up a character sheet asap.

Angel of Blood 04-04-15 12:56 PM

If people post what chapters they are looking at doing, that could help stop a handful of people all coincidentally going the same chapter. Would be a bit of a waste if we suddenly have three or more Dark Angels for example.

Just a thought.

Also, there's no way Sanguinary Guard are going to be seconded to the Death Watch. I'd have to check through all my material, but I'm not even sure if they ever leave the position once they join the brotherhood. Just food for thought, I know you said specialists, but there's certain types that would likely never leave the chapter, like the highest veterans, Death Knights etc.

Nol 04-04-15 02:25 PM

I'll be rolling a Dark Angle.

Boxagonapus 04-04-15 03:36 PM

I'll be rolling a battle brutha from Nocturne.

Nacho libre 04-04-15 03:52 PM

Battle brother from the Blood Angels.

Angel of Blood 04-04-15 04:42 PM

EDIT: Iron Snake inbound actually.

Captain Stillios 04-04-15 05:31 PM

Brother Alaric of the Blood Angels will be making an appearance

revan4559 04-04-15 06:07 PM

Editted in Heavy weapons choice.

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