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Awaken Realms 04-01-15 02:22 PM

Awaken Realms Harlequins Showcase
Hello there!

Recently we had the opportunity to add some colour to the Harlequin force emerging from the Webway! These are really beautiful, dynamic models and were a pleasure to paint. We’ve tried some patterns on them – how do you like those chessboards on the vehicles and nets on the infantry? Also, what do you think about shadowy colour scheme?


How do you overall like our Harlequin force?

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morfangdakka 04-09-15 04:51 PM

very interesting paint scheme

alasdair 04-09-15 05:06 PM

I love this army. If I had any suggestsions, it would be to add that chequer pattren like on the larger vehicles to the front of the skyweavers, the plain white looks a bit boring.

Tawa 04-09-15 09:58 PM

Wowzer..... :shok:

fatmantis 04-10-15 01:19 AM

love it..again..another top and unique job guys

Awaken Realms 04-17-15 10:04 AM

The army expanded for the "special" Harlequins:

Death Jesters




Old Man78 04-17-15 10:27 AM

I love this force, I find the dark tones quite sinister, but there is a sameness to the whole force, especially on the vehicles, some Eldar runes and iconography would go a far way to make the force pop and add individuality to it. Fabulous work, keep it up

bitsandkits 04-17-15 11:06 AM

dont like the paint scheme at all, its bland and samey, it would be nicely suited to a craftworld but not these guys, personally i think every mini should be totally unique and a wild array of colour, take the shadow seers as an example, the three at the back are absolutely identical in every way, for me thats an absolute painting crime, even using the same pallete of colours you could have at least painted them in differently so they at least had had some individuality.

But this isnt really about painted models and more about volume painting of models with an air brush

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DeathKlokk 04-17-15 12:45 PM

Over airbrushed. As your usual but worse.

I think the bases are the worst part. They smack of rush job, spray and done.

Chaosftw 04-17-15 05:31 PM

This is how you do Harlequins ;)


1 at a time and sexy as hell!!

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