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ckcrawford 03-31-15 04:27 AM

Khorne Daemonkin Codex Lore
Just wondering what new lore has been introduced into the 40K world now that the new "Khorne Codex" has come out. I thought it was interesting that in someways the Khorne army seems to work differently than we previously thought. I haven't read it yet, but at least with Kharn for example, it seems that he was not introduced in this codex because he doesn't work like the traditional Khorne army works.

Looking at the new army lists it seems that they work instrumentally. Again, it would be nice to know how the owners of the new codex feel about the new khorne army compared to the old. We've seen the hoard, unorganized, unrelenting force of Khorne, but we maybe seeing a true god of war look. Even in the Heresy, we have a concept of the Angron and the World Eaters as these crazy, unorganized, and unpredictable Khorne force that are a danger to their allies as much as their enemies.

It just got me thinking about whether Khorne really wanted Sanguinus and the Blood Angels to represent what Khorne really stood for. The concept of being a real war god that defeats his foes. I also wonder whether the conversion of Angron to Khorne's champion instead of Sanguinus really changed Khorne's influence in the galaxy, and perhaps made his following somewhat imperfect.

I think the new lore, rules, and concepts pave the wave for a good discussion or debate about what Khorne is about.

Brother Lucian 03-31-15 07:16 AM

When you consider how crazed and bloodmad the death company is, theres little difference between them and the bloodmad khorne berserkers. I recall there was a post heresy audiodrama where Amit the Flesh Tearer faces a khornate berserker and realizes how tiny the difference was between them.

Sanguinius was always in denial about his bloody side. Angron chose to embrace it, completely. The later completely embodying the ethos of Khorne. The blood god cares not from where the blood is spilled, just that it flows.

ckcrawford 04-01-15 03:28 AM

The Death Company to me is more of Khorne trying to infect or force upon the Blood Angels. I wonder how the Blood Angels would have faired without the curse but the embrace of Khorne.

Khorne is considered the Blood God, but like the other gods, he is much more than that. Could the Blood God be a reference to older fluff and/or weak and close-minded fanatics?

I was actually kind of surprised of the lack of activity. I thought that maybe the new codex would have a lot of newer fluff on Khornate Warbands and such. I really think the World Eaters are a very extreme of a particular side of Khorne, and I think many authors trying to write about Khorne and their daemons try to show something different.

Kreuger 04-01-15 11:00 AM

The fluff on Khorne has become increasingly one dimensional over the years. In the original realms of Chaos: slaves to darkness Khorne was a war god. His armies included heavy weapons and more varied tactics. Since then Khorne has become a singular god of mindless bloodshed.

I think the savage war god was a more interesting and compelling background piece, but the fluff as I know it doesn't support your reading. Khorne armies are described as wild disorganized mobs of murderers. They might have the presence of mind before a battle to do some planning, but once they are engaged thought goes out the window.

Of course, this also raises questions about how an army of bloodthirsty madmen could manage the complicated army logistics needed to run a campaign of any sort. Looks like a logical fallacy to me.

But hey, this is where we are now.

GuiltySparc 04-01-15 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by Kreuger (Post 2089866)
Of course, this also raises questions about how an army of bloodthirsty madmen could manage the complicated army logistics needed to run a campaign of any sort. Looks like a logical fallacy to me.

But hey, this is where we are now.

Ha, i had not thought about that. Now all i can picture is a bunch of Khornate supply chain/logistics officers going fucking crazy and murdering people when inventory goes missing. Supplies for the supplies god!!

Kreuger 04-01-15 04:59 PM

That's hilarious! Rep'd!

Can you imagine any of the logistics officers in legions of the other gods?

I can imagine the line forming at the logistics desk in the Slaaneshi army to provide favors to get requisitions filled.
Or the tzeentchian logistics officer who hides, confuses, and obfuscates everything.

GuiltySparc 04-01-15 05:17 PM

lol!! The tzeentchian supply chain would be the best. Everything would end up where it was supposed to go but through the most unpredictable/unknowable path.

That actually makes me wonder, does the lore address who builds supply stuff for the traitor legions? Things like ammo even.

Brother Lucian 04-01-15 05:24 PM

The dark mechanicus supplies the traitor legions.

GuiltySparc 04-01-15 05:37 PM

are they just hanging out in the eye of terror or do they have a planet somewhere churning out dark mechanical goodies?

neferhet 04-01-15 06:42 PM

there are lots of mechanicum planets. also, lots of world are simply heretics and trade/are enslaved by the chaos legions. SO many factories and artisans toil and produce for the downfall of man. Also, the khornate supply line is awesome. i'd rep you @GuiltySparc but it seems i must spread blah blah...you know.

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