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LordNecross 03-11-15 06:12 AM

my sheet is for the most part done. I am trying to figur out anything else I need in my inventory as I have been rather frugal in my expediture.

I also have no idea how many spells I need or how many slots I have. or what my intiative is, or movement speed. Base is 30 though.

revan4559 03-11-15 06:25 AM

Your speed will be on your race profile for Half-Orcs.

Initiative is simply your dex modifier.

As a ranger at level 2 it will tell you how many spells you have on your class profile.

It also tells you the number of spell slots aswell.

LordNecross 03-11-15 08:13 AM

Its very vague... It says look at the Ranger table. No idea where that is located. ANd I am looking at the Range class page.

revan4559 03-11-15 06:41 PM

Page 90 for the ranger table, it lists what spells you know at what level.

LordNecross 03-12-15 05:59 PM

Okay Here is my Sheet. In a Spoiler just for the sake of hiding the wall of text.

Switched Perception for Survival though as a last minute change. That way I can live comfortably without spending money.

revan4559 03-15-15 04:25 PM

Vaz, Santaire, Komanko. Any update on your character sheets at all?

LordNecross 03-17-15 07:36 AM

I hope this isn't dead. Is there anyone still interested?

komanko 03-17-15 05:52 PM

Its alive, we are just lazy.
If he could he would stab me over skype right now :D

LordNecross 03-17-15 06:14 PM

I'll probably post a character drawing of my Half-orc. I commission my GF to draw her.

Should be interesting, as she is not used to drawing weapons and armor.

Boxagonapus 03-17-15 07:47 PM

Been waiting brodeo. I talk with Revan a bit but just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the others. I built like 3 apps until I was happy with one I'm not backing out of this

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